Kanye West Spazzes On Sway In The Morning

Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Question Kanye...


Kanye West spazzed on Sway Calloway during his visit to Sway In The Morning this week. The outburst came after Sway questioned Kanye about his difficulties with breaking into the fashion industry on Sirius XM Shade 45. It becomes clear pretty quickly that Kanye’s frustrations – directed at Sway – are much deeper than their conversation or that particular point of contention. The pair make it known, despite the brief argument, that their respect and love for each other is intact. The anger in Kanye’s response to Sway’s questioning offers as much insight into his temper as it does the types of impediments he has dealt with in trying to plant his flag in the fashion industry. Check the footage below to watch Kanye West’s interview on Sway In The Morning. Stay tuned for more.

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