Rick Ross Performs "The Devil Is A Lie" Live On The Tonight Show With The Roots

Rick Ross hit the stage with The Roots to perform his smash single “The Devil Is A Lie” on The Tonight Show ahead of the release of his forthcoming Mastermind LP, which drops on March 4th. Rozay brought a major dose of Miami heat with a set that more than made up for the absence of Hov – his designated partner in crime on this particular track. The Roots killed it once again, making quick work of the slow burning slapper of a trap track from Major Seven and K.E. On The Track. Check the footage below to watch Rick Ross perform “The Devil Is A Lie” live on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. Pre-order the Mastermind LP via iTunes. Stay tuned for more.


  • Barry Jordan

    Thank you Rick Ross, while watching this video, you instantly made me pop in my flash drive and listen to a real rap album like Midnight Marauders. God this guy blows! Where’s the real rappers?

  • hipsnob

    Raekwon ghostface and NAS did songs with this clown. I just hope black thought doesn’t get any ideas. the devil is a lie. Rick Ross is a clown.

  • Downindixie

    The only thing I hate about TSJF is that it makes The Roots waste their talent on shyt like this. We all have sacrifices we have to make on our jobs. I guess The Roots are no different than the rest of us….

  • YCBS

    William, your lyin ass is of your father, the devil. Hilarious that so much of the audience probably doesn’t get all the played out drug and coke selling references. He really wouldn’t be that bad of a rapper if he would shut up about the trap and spit bars. Corny sambo, bosses don’t sign contracts and dry snitch on wax. You Can’t Be Serious

  • Vincent Better

    At least he kept his shirt on.

  • death

    loving all these backpack ass comments

  • jd

    This album is really good.