“A Little Party Never Killed Nobody” but this song just did a great job of killing the party. Q-Tip and Fergie have teamed for a disjointed and generally unlikely duet that is a little uncomfortable to listen to. Mostly because it really hurts to hear Q-Tip doing cheer squad music. The track produced by GoonRock is slated for The Great Gatsby soundtrack, dropping in May. Here’s hoping this goes away quickly or gets a remix magical enough to distract us all from how dated and unfortunate it sounds. If we’re really desperate to repeat past mistakes, we could always go back to “Who Let The Dogs Out.” That was at least useful for keeping people entertained during time-outs. This cannot possibly be all we got.

Spotted at RS


  • jimmyarms


  • TIB

    I mean maybe i’m an outlier but I feel like this is the type of feel that the movie is trying to go for and I never expected this song to be the big resounding hit of the tracklist- i think this song is just there to do a job for the movie’s Party scenes and it does that

  • Accidental asshole

    Damn Tip! When’s the Brad Paisley collab due out?

  • rain

    why did i bother…lol.

  • InternetApex

    I don’t think it’s THAT bad.

  • ayee

    movie looks ok, but soundtrack bullshit. like a pastiche of what music could sound like if you only in the charts or summin. if they were trying to deliver for the film, fine, but would be better if it still maintained something on par with the visuals. along with all the others billed on the OST, it’s just trying to flog the film. fuck that attitude.