Big Ghost reviews J. Cole's "Born Sinner"
J. Cole Born Sinner album review by Big Ghost

Ayo whattup you now in the presence of the divine colossal Lord of Lasers aka the mighty Hands of Zeus aka the grand imperial Cocaine Biceps aka Sir Isaac Broccoli Bundles aka the majestic luxurious Phantom Raviolis the god…otherwise known as the magnificent Galaxy Knuckles or Shampoo Bracelets the panty melter aka the one n only Volcano Hands but you can call me Big Ghost namsayin. Word is bond I been hearin birds chirpin talmbout this n that…yo what happened to the god n why he aint bless us wit no turkeys lately? Ya kno…this that n the third. But chill yo…I was here stackin my nuggets up n gettin shit poppin in bigger n better ways…tryin to get my weight up ya kno….maximizin my outlets n kickin down these garbage cans in the alleyways to reverse gentrify these rich communities up n such. Doin Gods work. While yalls was at ya jobs flippin waffles n pushin brooms n whatever I was on my grind n findin my own way n shit. I do that for the arts. But thats neither here nor there my dude…thats jus how live ni**as do. Which brings us to this album imma be discussin n shit. First ima hit em with the boilerplate:

The views n what have you in this muthafucka is all my owns…so that aint in no way a reflection of nobody other than myself n whatever else b. No other man or woman or child represented heretofore n such hereby is sharin the opinion of the gentleman who be sayin the shit contained within namsayin. This muthafucka do be containin foul language n shit that might offend small children n old people n shit too. It should be noted by all those who is present today here today before God that yall here on ya own accord n if anybody not cool wit that they should leave now or forever hold they peace…

Now then. This that joint all the ni**as wit the white iphones been waitin on… This the shit all the females who hate rap music been dyin to fuckin hear. This that shit the dudes round the way who be tiltin they heads n pointin they chins down in pictures n smilin wit they mouths open been prayin to the heavens for. Ayo all the ni**as out there who cant fit they hands in they pockets n rock half a best friends charm on they necklaces stand the fuck up…its yall moment. If you cant take no more of these rappers wit dignity n confidence n wanna hear some vulnerable ass shit right bout now put ya candles in the air… I wanna see those beaded bracelets n $85 watches up so I kno yall appreciatin this shit. Jermaine a dude who came from the bottom. That ni**a use to dwell in the swamps of Fayetteville North Carolina aka the Ville namsayin…shit was treacherous. While yalls was eatin 3 hot meals a day n havin luxuries like furniture n toilets inside the crib my ni**a Cole was catchin fish wit his teeth in the river n shit like that. Son use to have the one pair of pants he had to take turns wearin wit his brother. So when yall wonder why son rapped bout his come up for 3 mixtapes n 1 album straight yall got ya answers now namsayin. Thats a hard pill to swallow b. Son went to NYC wit nothin but $4 in his pocket n a dream. Ni**a came back to Fayettenam wit the #1 album in the country. Son sold damn near 600k albums so far n only had the backing of the biggest rapper on the planet n distribution from Sony n shit nahmean. They was callin him the second coming of Nas bruh…like this shit was not a game yo. Bruh bruh had mad expectations… n he damn near almost kinda but not really came close to sorta achievin 1 or 2 of em namsayin. So without further ado lemme see how this shit compares to the disappointing mediocreness of the last Cole album…

1. “Villuminati” – Ok…ok…aight…I see what Jermaine doin…settin the tone n shit. Beat soundin kinda like a darker version of Madonna’s Vogue n shit. Aight…yeah yeah…word…I see what he bout…Ok now he spittin some bars. Naw wait…ok nah he jus repeatin the phrase “Sometimes I brag like Hov”….ok aight. Ok now he spittin.

Get ya weight up…fake ni**as get sprayed up /My verbal AK slay f**gots../ n Ion mean no disrespect when I say f**got…ok f**got? /Dont be so sensitive..if you wanna get fucked in the ass / Thats between you n whoever dick it is / Pause…maybe that line was too far / Jus a little joke to show you how homophobic you are

Aight so… “pause”. Lets jus take a minute to break this shit down yo. First off…I aint een gon say nothin bout the fact that dawg said “verbal AK” like its 1991 n niggas is really still comparin they rhymes to muthafuckin weapons n shit. Second…homie said “fa**ot” n then went on to explain why he aint mean no offense by it n how muthafuckas need to not be so sensitive bout his use of the word. THIS dude….



  • parker35

    I fuck with this review heavy, only disagreement was I thought the song Born Sinner at the end was actually ight… I thought that shit was better than everything on Cole World actually.. Shit in total was iight, like if it comes I’ll let it play, but I aint gonna be like SHIT SON PLAY BORN SINNER YEA YO PLAY THAT SHIT… Stans claiming this is a “classic” need to get the fuck out, but the shit is a solid release b… Especially after releasing some bullshit like Sideline Story… Can’t wait for that Yeezus review tho… Big Ghost gonna kill that

    • KeepItUnderground

      I agree with you. I wouldn’t play this for anyone.. like yo.. you gotta hear this, but I wouldn’t turn it off at a get-together. Sorry to say, but it’s good background music.

  • “Shit is like sonic chloroform nahmean.” best line of the review, lol.

    • Mat

      perfectly describes Cole’s music in my opinion lol

  • JawDropper

    I was listening to the album while reading the review, and I crying laughed for 10 minutes when I got to #14. Big ups Ghost.

  • Michael Di Gennaro


    • Trap_Jeezus

      Ain’t that some bullshit?

  • YouSerious?

    Damn, after reading that whole review, I wasn’t expecting a 3 though. I was expecting him to go 2, since really he’s right; 3/4ths of this album is fuckery and boring as shit. I was dead at the “Crooked Smiles” sum up.

  • Khalafalla Osman

    Ghost is on point as usual, and I love the way he articulates himself lmao. It’s straight up hilarious. On point b.

  • anon2222

    the runaway and crooked smile write ups had me crackin up…everything else was pretty spot on especially the let nad down 1

  • Supreme

    Lol the nigga who wrote this is a fucking hater! What talent do you have? You just sit around everyday critizing ?! GTFOH loser.

    • Baffler Meal

      So ’cause he doesn’t like it, he’s a hater? And since he doesn’t like it, you gotta criticise him? I guess you’re one of those people that thinks you can only talk about an album if they like it. Fuck off. The dude was giving his opinion. What do you do? Just sit around criticising reviewers?

    • Los21

      He dnt really fuck wit it. He gave that ratin to not come off as a hater but thats wat he really doin on this is hatin. He says he likes a song but has somthin bad to say bout it…

    • sir issac broccoli

      Nigga why the fuck are you butthurt doe? Like shit he gave this shit a 3 partially cuz he gave yeezus a 3.5 and like ye more. shit he gets paid to do this shit but you dont get paid to sit around and defend cole’s ballsack. just chill and enjoy the comedy man.

    • thedelakore

      Son, he SAID HE FUCKS WITH IT. What’s your problem? He wasn’t worshiping Cole enough for you?

    • Frank David Green

      Shit is crazy because as a fan of good music his analysis is wack. He is hater because the basis for some of the criticism don’t make sense. I get its supposed to be humorous, but why give any ratings then. They obviously ain’t legit. Kanye shit is retarded like 808 and heart breaks, no way you going to convince me kanye has a good sense of fashion or that his latest joint is dope. That is just jock riding. Too many folk with a podium and a twisted rating system. Cole’s Shit is good Kanye’s wack. No classics so far this summer.

    • Mannie Grant

      missed the point by that much |_|

    • Frank David Green

      Six ways to defend a bad (poorly executed) review.

  • Fran

    Dear Big Ghost, can you please expand your reviews to films, sports, & dog shows????

  • Zuri A.

    I’m not even gonna front, Ghost came off as nothing more then a hater on this shit

    • thedelakore


    • therealjjohnson

      Because he found something to say bad about songs that he liked. Just to make it funnier. Thats why he came off that way.

    • Zuri A.

      Thank you.

    • Mannie Grant

      but if he do it on EVERY review, save maybe sean price, but that shit was beastly, how is it more hater here? because you like cole?

    • Zuri A.

      No, It’s just hating, I read all his reviews he even had better shit to say about Wayne’s album.

    • Mannie Grant

      when restaurant critics review, say they eat the food, if they don’t like it they spit it out, but they like the staff, ambiance, location, wine selection, they will discuss mostly the bad than the good, announce a few saving graces, then give an overall score. It won’t be the same for mc donalds as it is for cheesecake factory, but they aren’t supposed to be compared. I think this one was written the same IMO, but to each his own.

    • real nigga

      no it wasnt..what you just said is like Ghost reviewing each song…that can be compared to reviewing the staff and the food, location, etc…but he would say “I like this song”, then some how find a way to unnecessarily diss Cole in the process. Which is hating…never did he just straight up give him his props..

    • yeezussaves


    • Wzrd

      Real nigga needs to quit bitchin he said he fucks with this mediocre CD. he did the same with Lupe CD. You can’t even deny this Shit was lame.

    • Slaytan

      I’m not even gonna front, Zuri came off as nothing more than a faggot with this comment.

    • Zuri A.

      Wow, a biter, a groupie and a faggot all in one… you’re amazing.

  • Shae

    True defintion of a “hatin’ ass nigga”.

    • Mannie Grant

      see “shae”

  • Nick

    but…he produced “Let Nas Down”, not No I.D. Get your facts straight man…

    • Daniel Moreno

      It was no id and Cole co-prod. check credits

    • Los21

      Then he shud give cole partial credit not jus no id

    • You check credits idiot!

      The physical album sleeve says “Produced by J. Cole. Additional Instrumentation by Nate Jones”. That instrumentation being the bass you hear on the record. No I.D. did not contribute to Let Nas Down on a production level. He didn’t contribute to Born Sinner period. FOH!

      Y’all and Ghostfase need to do your research!

  • j5

    Best Big Ghostfase review in a while, but that Forbidden Fruit write up mad hypocritical. It’s just a bass riff, and you’re obviously too young to remember where tribe got that shit from. This entire piece had me dying tho, son really is like the wimp lo of rap.

    • Mannie Grant

      i’m sure niggas who was reviewing back in the day called tribe out for it. point being, they was Rap legends which is why it was attributed to being “their” sample, ya digg?

  • BigSok

    Whatever ghosts says I agree wit… forever yo..

  • blackicebell

    how in the hell you give that Kanye shit a half a slap more than this!?! At least J. Cole album is listenable. And don’t give me so shit about Kanye pushing boundaries. If I want to push boundaries, I put on some OutKast.. at least their albums were good.

    • Godzilla Jr.

      W—-ORD UP

  • thedelakore

    Niggas callin Ghost a hater are just sensitive ass Cole stans. There was hardly anything on this album that had an impact on me. It was just cool music. CLEARLY he said he fucks wit it and he gave it a 3/5. So why are you guys upset? The joints are cool but it’s not like “WOW, Imma re-evaluate how I view music from now on”. Relax you guys, Cole is still young

    • therealjjohnson

      Because it came out on the same day as Kanye garbage ass album which was rated higher. You have to compare the two because they are linked together. Cole album sounded better to me and most comments i see online. Thats why people called him a hater. You did read his review of Kanye Album right? Comparatively this was even a better review…other than the rating.

    • Los21

      He hates on the album like it sux. Barely any compliments. Jus cole is soft, cole harmonizin too much, cole stealin music from legends, cole will never b this person or that person. Then at the end give it a good rating like he liked the album. Cant tell from all the hatin he did in the review

  • youknowho

    its no way kanye should of got a 3.5 cole album is dope as fuck

  • Jim Mcswagsalot

    The fuck is wrong with smiling with your mouth open though?

    • Brian Page

      He said with your chin pointed down…try that shit in the mirror…see how effeminate you look b.

  • Everdeep Naga

    Alright Mr. Large Ghost nigga with the donkey dick length introductions!
    In this review you sound like the sardonic ass baby of Bucky Nasty and Buckwheat (Two niggas that were in clubs that spread hatred). But you a funny dude tho! Shit had me rolling. I disagree with most of the review but respect it and will continue to read your hilarious reviews. One big misconception tho!! On the song “Forbidden Fruit” the sample is “Mystic Brew” by Ronnie Foster, which was indeed sampled by our forefathers A Tribe Called Quest. Might not seem like a big deal but it really is!!! Church!!

    • R33mzFooL

      I respect the sample’s originator but Tribe made the loop to what it is today. And I think that’s what BGF was getting at. All due respect to Ronnie no doubt.

  • SoGoodSoSweetAtFirst

    Review on point but No I.D didn’t produce Let Nas Down, Cole did

  • therealjjohnson

    Son…so you rating that Kanye West laser tag music over this shit? I know you not a Cole fan and all but come on fam.

    • Mannie Grant

      lol laser tag music

  • B.Frost

    Okay imma say this. Born Sinner is 10000000000000000000x better than.. Sideline Story, but we will tire of it in a month or two. Hate Kanye Wests or love him, but he WILL outsell J. Cole , niggas will be quoting lines from it the entire year, and he will get a relevant Grammy from this album (Not that affirmative action ass Best Rap Album). Some Hip Hop fans are too simple minded to understand the artistry in a album and scared to try something new. If we don’t try new things and be innovative Hip Hop will die just like Funk and Disco did. Born Sinner is as good as “Friday Night Lights” but NOWHERE NEAR innovative. AND THATS REAL!! I bet Ghostface approve what I just said too!

    • williamsdv1017

      Personaly, I am an all around music fan. I’ve heard music push boindries, and I’ve heard hiphop push boundries. However, I just felt as though Yeezus pushed boundries to no successful avail. It seemed like a “for the fuck of it” type of boindry push. I listen to a lot of New Wave, and with this album, that apparently is New Wave inspired, the sound becomes lost within it’s ego, messy, and cluttered. And though I listen to more underground/indie hip-hop than I do mainstream, Ye is my favorite producer. But this album was sloppy lyrically, and decently interesting beatwise (btw, Ye had others male the beats, so I dunno man). To each his own though.

    • B

      With Rick Ruban as the co executive producer. Your production can never be messy.

    • williamsdv1017

      I see where you are comingfrom. I guess what I meant to say was the end products were messy. Not meaning sonic quality, but in the sense of approach and structure. But that’s just what I was hearing. It just wasn’t for me.

    • Godzilla Jr.

      Ain’t nobody above laying a brick dude. This is how bandwagonning starts. When you give legends the benefit of the doubt despite the caliber of the work, the art form suffers.

    • Derrick

      I totally agree but more people are talking about Kanye’s supposed “brick” than J. Cole’s “dope” album & this has little to do with Kanye’s status. If the album was just garbage, people would say that & move on but that’s not happening. Fact is, the album is polarizing. Some love it. Some hate it. Great for art. J. Cole’s album is simply affirming. No challenge. Easier to get behind. This is only album #2 so, hopefully, he’ll challenge his listener one day and I think he will.

      I like J. Cole. I’m enjoying “Born Sinner.” But that album is super safe & we know legends are not built by creating safe art.

    • Godzilla Jr.

      My statement referred to the guy who said that Rick Rubin can’t possibly create a messy production. ANYBODY can lay a dud, regardless of their past success.

      And I agree with most of what you said. My feeling regarding “Yeezus” is that it is “safe art”. It doesn’t truly break any new ground but to the mindless herd it seems to. To those that know better, it’s noisy and dumbed down.

      Just my opinion, feel free to discard.

  • Brian Page

    “I actually think Cole should donate this joint to science or NASA n
    shit…as some kinda evidence of how you can use a salty ni**as music to
    slow the time space continuum down by like 8 trillion gigavolts n shit

    Dead as fuck…

  • wutang23

    Ya’ll people need to quit bitching for real. This was an honest review and the only people thinking this album was really good are j cole dick riders. Idgaf if this man is your favorite rapper or not, give an honest assessment. The album was boring and mac miler put out better album than him and i hated mac miller’s raps.

  • mrmag83

    folks just need to chillaz. cause you like Cole’s album don’t mean you a d*ckrider. just cause you like Kanye’s album don’t mean you gay, either. some folks eat octopus. i hate that sh*t. don’t make me corny. and i won’t be salty if the person loves octopus hates pork rinds. to each his own.

    • Mannie Grant

      what this man said. and squid and octopus are delicious, and i eat pork rinds. see how we aint yellin over the shit!?

    • mrmag83

      exactly!! pass me the octopus!


    hmmmm this is the same dude that gave Yeezus a 3.5 ……Born Sinner beats out Yeezus by a long shot….Mainly in LYRICAL ABILITY. Granted Ye’s beats were better but, that’s because he hired: Daft Punk, Travis Scott, TNGHT, RZA, etc…. That’s how Kanye compensates for his lazy rhymes … WORLD CLASS ECLECTIC PRODUCTION … if Kanye has proven anything, it’s that; if the beat is right no one gives a shit about the lyrics.

    For a self-proclaimed “hip hop purist” I honestly figured you’d show more respect to actual poets. I guess that’s the beauty of the internet; as long as you have a good enough gimmick (i.e. misspelling your words on purpose to seem more gutter than you really are), it doesn’t matter if you’re a hypocrite or, just-plain don’t know what you’re talking about.

    I bet you’re white … aren’t you? you know you grew up in a safe neighborhood.


      lol … nahmean?

    • wutang23

      Bitch you’re retarded. Ghostface Killah of Wu Tang clan did this review. He knows what he’s talking about. He’s top 10 mc of all time.

    • HipHop4Dummies

      Ghostface of WU TANG did NOT write this review stupid!!!

    • wutang23

      Yes the fuck he did, its from his blog. I follow it. He also reviewed Yeezus. Google his blog and and see for yourself and then see how stupid you look…

    • Ow L Bundy

      lol u dense af, this is a parody blogger based on ghostface he even spells it different “ghostfase”.. the real ghostface killah did not write this nor does he run a blog. smh u gullible.

      I’m Not Ghostface Killah, son!

    • Mannie Grant

      way to make yourself the ass. this is not ghostface killa, confirmed by other members and ghostface himself, read a book kid. that’s what a real wu fan does.

    • wutang23

      You right. I look stupid af.

    • Nihga-LaffinAchuu

      You just looked dumb af son!

    • Mannie Grant

      when writing in a voice, you say the shit how it would be pronounced fool. sidebar Kanye shit got the legacy bump, that’s the ONLY reason it got 3.5. Someone had to be the winner, notice how mac miller’s shit didn’t get reviewed it came out on the same day, yet no ones crying. this dude didn’t ban you from buying Cole so who gives a fuck. go chill out, drink a smoothie n wet wipe the corners of ya mouf nahmean it’s got nuttin to do wit “gutter” or da nigga wouldn’t put such complex thought into his metaphors .

    • opposite of you

      theres nothing eclectic about Kanyes production. It’s all pop music.

    • Symple

      There isn’t a sun blazing in the universe shining down on an instance where Born Sinner had better LYRICS than Yeezus. Yeezus wasn’t that good of an album to me but it wasn’t cause of the bars, Ye’s lyrical superiority over Cole was established in the fact most niggas disliked that shit cause of the sound and attempt to push the envelope versus the warm milk bars Cole spit on Born Sinner.

  • The realist

    All I gotta say is I understand what he’s saying, but Cole kept it 100 on this album. He did this review off of strictly hop hip so how the fuck Yeezus get 3.5 slaps and this get 3??? Wtf? Like that font make sense. This shit was hella funny tho he just needs to respect what Cole be doing. The album is low key sensitive.

  • D-Money

    Ghost is one of my favorite hiphop personalities, but homie went too hard on the villematic joint. Opinions are like assholes tho whatever. 3slaps?…maybe. maybe more like 2.9 or some shit.

  • Los21

    Ghostfase need to listen to Let Nas Down remix. Nas is praisin J. Cole on that track

  • Paris113

    So what are you guys going for? Do you think negative reviews is going to up your readership? Or is he suppose to be funny? Its cool whatever but at least add a real review to go along with this comedy act. I come to this site because its a credible hip hop site. But this type of stuff is losing me.

    • opposite of you

      if you were familiar with the culture and language of hip-hop you would also find it funny.

    • Paris113

      I am familiar. I read the review and understood it. I want a real review. Not this hot garbage. People obviously like this stuff more power to them but OKAYplayer has a rep of giving real hip hop heads something to credible. This ain’t credible and to me it’s barely funny.

    • opposite of you

      In the pantheon of Hip-Hop MC’s over the last 40 years J. Cole simply does not figure. Furthermore, there are therefore precisely zero reasons to take a rappers music seriously. Rap is a joke. Ghostfase’s persona perfectly illustrates the voice of an elder statesmen of the culture observing and light-heartedly ridiculing/lampooning the youth of todays average and uninspired attempts at creativity. Music nowdays does not have enough dimension to warrant being taken seriously. To summarise, Ghostfase is the funniest, most illuminating and most accurate reviewer I’ve read in the 30 plus years I’ve been a hip-hop head. Peace.

    • Paris113

      Look I ain’t hating on ghost do your thing! obviously he has some seriouse Stan’s so he is doing something right. But i want a serious one. Chill out man you can still keep your blogger. Lets just make both parties happy. “Elder states man” lol

    • opposite of you

      you the one sound like you need to chill, talmbout about you wanna ‘serious review’. This is pop music we’re talking about not Classical, how you ‘pose to be serious about it ?

  • SteadyUp

    I’ve listened to Kanye and Coles CD . I’m a fan of both artist, I liked some of Kanyes CD though I think he Owes Death Grips and Tyler the Creator a check oh and Saul Williams too. I thought J Coles Sophomore effort was impressive. Lyrically Kanye was totally lacking unlike J Cole unless you are of course writing for Vivid Entertainment. I can’t believe Kanye was dodging Kiim nearly her whole pregnancy for that CD! Yeezus is Not A Classic at all and Kanyes use of Autotune is okay but repetitious I’m just gonna have to refer to that man as old Aqua Lung 2. My son was blasting Kanyes music and jumping off of furniture see its really good for something ! Lol. J Cole can only get better he made a CD I could actually appreciate lyrically and beats wise too. As for Versace Grips he needs Clarity now because he is just not original and he offers more samples than your local grocery store.

  • MPistol

    honest review, the snippets on this mess had me groaning

  • Ghostfase Killer

    Point blank, dude you’s a hater,

  • Ghostfase Killer

    By the way, this is Cole, hoe

  • Paris113

    Okay now I got problem with Ghostfase… he is representing what i feel is wrong with the hip-hop game. Hate. I ain’t no J-Cole stan this is actually the first album i ever listened too from him (work out plan was hot garbage!). And i was surprised! He can flow and he has something to say. He has no problem paying homage and showing respect to the for runners. Beats are ok he is no Kanye at all and if he was going for throw back 90s sound he should go back and study Life is Good by Nas because he did it best. But this review is straight up HATE! some of it was funny but hip hop is the only form of music where artist are compared more than appreciated. instead of appreciating the mans art we compare and attack. only in hip hop… Crabs in the barrel… smh

  • 1BruceLeroy1

    Are you sure you want to move this item to the Recycle Bin?

  • jr

    This nigga basically pointed out everything in every single song that he didn’t like/agree with…how is this a “review”? Fuck outta here. Hate on Cole all you want but even on his worst day his lyrics shit on 95% of these rappers!

  • Sissy boy

    Dayyyyum son … Really?!? You sayin .5 more than Ye’s keytar & bop-it collaboration album B?!?!!?? Fuckouttahere b… I’ll be on my white iPhone listening to this joint over that static symphony ye dropped… Smh

  • Stylo Tavarez

    Dumbass forgot to review new york times

  • JackBanner

    lol you trash most the songs on yeezus but still give it a half a slap more. Makes sense lol.

  • Frederick Krügenstein


  • westsidemoe

    like the album a lot , i like the review better, i think BGF is hating, but that’s what makes it funny.

  • Trey Arline

    Wow, sooooooo many butthurt dickbags here. I like J. Cole a lot and even I thought this album was boring, repetitive nonsense. He’s not the GOAT people are trying to make him out to be, by ANY stretch of the word and people need to stop getting salty over another person’s opinion. Half this shit went straight through one ear and out the other; not because I “didn’t get it” or it was “too deep” but because it was just just uninteresting and the same dull bullshit he’s been talking about the past 4 years.

    I like Cole, but he’ll NEVER evolve and grow as an artist if he doesn’t try new sounds, topics, flows, ANYTHING.

  • Imjussayin

    Yo if this is really ghost, u got like 12albums and only 2of them was due, ironman and supreme clientele, other than that , yo new shit u comin out with tryin to match the new borin skoo wit fuked up hooks and sungod on yo shit,this shit aint family reunion, get ur son sum hits god, put him on foreal if u big ghost, memphis bleek like jayz comparin to sungod…but i aint hatin..(thats a big ghost line after he really hatin tho) check it before u go talkin like u sell billions of units u should shapeup ironman, stop fukin waitin for raekwon, yall cuban linx too was hlfway dope, rather listen to the beats than hear washed up lines about 40somn years ago, we kno we heard the first tape, now ur shit jus slower flow,and bein an attention ho, real talk,yall might as well got kevin hart aka chocolate drop to feature. I swear listenin to ur last cd i actually saw dust appear on my shit, like it was on track 2, and thst shit need to b washed up, cole koo,i agree wit sum of ur ramblins but for da most part u a hypocrite lookin for aquick blog

  • Imjussayin

    Fake ass ghost wannabe,theres only one ironman and the god dont be talkin down makin himself look dum like this..i wasted 5mins of my life readin it but thought i waste another writing this

  • Janiece!

    LMAOOO yoo that time continuum comment was fucking hilarrriouss! your critiques on each song was pretty accurate #DopeAssAlbum

  • Dsunn

    he came off as a politically correct insider. after all that he says he messes with the album . valid points made through out. mediocre artist

  • Kendall Walls

    ” 14. “Crooked Smile” (f/ TLC) – Fuckouttahere ” really? that was my favorite track… he didn’t even explain why