Big Ghost Tears Into Drake - #VIEWS [Album Review]

Ayo whattup… You now once again in the presence of the almighty Hands of Zeus aka the illustrious Phantom Raviolis aka the world famous Cocaine Biceps aka Shampoo Bracelets the panty melter aka the benevolent Galaxy Knuckles in the flesh….but yall might kno me as Big Ghost. The gawd is back in effect once again to bless the culture wit the words of wisdom n whatever…

Big Ghost Tears Into Drake - #VIEWS [Album Review]

But yo…yall hear that? Thats the sound of half the testosterone on earth evacuating the planet… Guess Drake done dropped a new album. Its no secret that I aint exactly this dudes biggest supporter namsayin.

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I mean son got a couple joints I dont mind listenin to but that Drake playlist in my iTunes is shorter than Rick Ross’s verse on “Monster” b. It aint cuz I got anything against dude…I jus hate his fuckin music n think he a ridiculous person. Aubrey can be many things tho… R&B chanteuse…imaginary sports aficionado… waverider… waveparasailer…wavehoverboarder… As well as some unique hybrid things such as a misogynist/fuckboy… fake sincere… The Human Urban Outfitters etc.. Most days I would rather stab myself in the nuts witta butterknife than actually listen to sons music on purpose…never mind 20 got damn tracks of it… but Okayplayer done threw the bag of money at me again sooooo… here I am. 20 tracks tho? Shit is gon be like listening to a chopped n screwed Celine Dion album b. Pray for me…



  • walkie

    Always the best

  • mjs2430

    wow. that is the lowest rating ive ever seen. you even gave his last album like 3.5 zues slaps

    • Andre Devine

      Bias is Bias. He didn’t want to do the thing in the first place so this makes sense.

    • TheQuakerOatsGuy

      But it mostly makes sense because this album is awful.

  • bunionstomper

    the taylor swift of rap took like three steps back with this album. Summer 16 (which wasn’t on the album) actually had me optimistic about this latest project. What I got was the same subject matter/themes seen on all of his past couple albums, reflecting just how little he has grown as a person. What’s worse is that although he has shown some ability to adopt new “flows” the lyrics were weaker than in the past. the production on the album was great. 40 or whoever needs to give themselves a pat on the back and work with someone else for a change. Aubrey needs to take a few college classes, watch the news sometime, not “date” for while…basically he just needs to get life experience that don’t revolve entirely around putting on a cape and saving shady thots whom after the first pre-cum become exes and pickup artist fake confidence. I kind of like “pop style” and “hype”… kind of. “feels no ways” was an amalgam of several past psuedo r&B drake songs…i’m done. i really was optimistic. I liked the album prior to this. I liked summer 16 and even hotline bling.

    • John Gates

      The lyrics were MUCCHHHH weaker than past efforts (as were the flows and the rhyme schemes), and the production was phenomenal it’s a shame, I would’ve loved to hear a real MC on this production.

    • KashIsKlay


    • skitchbeatz

      …the production on the album was great.

      I really disagree. There were a few good beats but it was inconsistent. IMO it’s the worst production he’s had on his studio albums.

  • John Gates

    “It ain’t like I got anything against dude…I jus hate his fucking music n think he a ridiculous person”

    Nah nothing against dude..haha wow. I’m not a big fan of Views or Drake, but this is clearly a biased review written by a hater.

    Case in point – “Thats the sound of half the testosterone on earth evacuating the planet… Guess Drake done dropped a new album.”

    The best part is…”Its no secret that I aint exactly this dudes biggest supporter NAMSAYIN.”

    Anyone who types out NAMSAYIN invalidates their opinion on just about everything besides black and milds and quarter waters.


      are you new? Big Ghost is an institution, your comment is like walking into the Lincoln Memorial and criticizing the choice of marble. Fuck outta here

    • Mark Gardner

      This dude is not an institution, he’s am idiot. After the opening paragraph, there was no need in reading any more. He already had made up up his mind that the album was going to be garbage before he even listened to it. Hell, he has already made up his mind that Drake’s next album will be garbage. So what does he think of someone like Keith Sweat, Tank, Ginuwine, basically Amy R&B singer? I only read the rest of his review to see how viqsed it was gonna get. And I was not wrong in my assumption that he would be totally biased and give absolutely no credit.

    • kinotg

      *an *any

      & actually if you follow him he’s given mad props to R&B singers… but of course you just assumed

    • Mark Gardner

      Just like you assumed that I haven’t read any of his other reviews. I don’t need to follow him. I can tell from his reviews that he’s an idiot. IF you listen to Drake expecting to hear MOP, or DMX, Spice 1 or any type of hardcore gangsta rap, than that’s your ignorance. That’s not Drakes fault. And that’s exactly the box that Big Ghost has put himself in. I’m glad that there’s various artists that sing and rap about different topics.

    • Truth

      1. The OP who called out the use of “NAMSAYIN” clearly doesn’t get Big Ghost’s whole shtick, so it was pretty clear that he is, in fact, “new.”

      2. If you want something good that’s introspective and deviates away from the typical tropes of “hardcore gangsta rap,” listen to J. Cole. Drake expresses emotion and reveals his vulnerabilities, but doesn’t actually say anything interesting most of the time.

    • Mark Gardner

      I listen to both J. Cole and Drake. What is this “rule” that we can only listen to 1 artist. Sometimes I’m in the mood for Big KRIT. Sometimes I’m in the mood for Bryson Tiller or Trey Songz. Sometimes I want to listen to some old school gangsta rap and I’ll listen to some Ice Cube or Spice 1, etc. Sometimes I want to listen to Drake cause I’m in that mood.

    • Truth

      I never said that everyone has to choose one rapper or even one style and listen to it exclusively — my point is that Drake is a sub par artist, and it’s abundantly clear when you contrast him with someone like J. Cole, who occupies the same corner but actually does it well. J. Cole gets deep and delivers his message with lyrical skill that is FAR superior; Drake just whines a lot without actually saying anything interesting. Don’t confuse emotion and vulnerability for depth.

    • Mark Gardner

      That is true, but all rap, hell all music for that matter, doesn’t have to have some deep lyrical content. There’s a time where I want to hear something with a deep message. There’s a time where I want to hear some music just because it sounds good. It’s completely ok to enjoy both. I love old school Brand Nubian. I love Dead Prez. But I’m not always in the mood for that. Sometimes I just want something that is fun to listen to.

    • Truth

      Yes, there’s a whole lot of rap out there that isn’t particularly deep but still fun to listen to … But when you’re rapping about Drake’s subject matter with average lyrical skill and nothing interesting to say, you’re left with just a whiny little drama queen.

      Deep and lyrical are two different things — Cole is usually one or both, while Drake is usually neither. J. Cole also has plenty of personal and relationship based songs, and there’s more to them than just continuously repeating shallow insecurities.

    • Mark Gardner

      I also beg to differ about J. Cole delivering a deep message and Drake not. Drake does deliver deep lyrical content. His content is personal and relationship based, instead of socially based.

    • PJ McGee

      Drake delivers deep content? Yea if you also into rearranging your little sisters stuffed animals on her bed spread!!!

    • cankles_mccellulite

      drake LQQKS like he should be on planet of the apes!

    • John Gates

      I called out a lot more than just the use of NAMSAYIN. I also called him out for saying he has nothing against Drake and then in the very same breath saying “I jus hate his fuckin music n think he a ridiculous person.” If he only criticized the music then he could say he has nothing against him, but to say “he a ridiculous person” clearly shows he has something against him, and also something against elementary level use of the English language. I don’t celebrate ignorance or hatred, and that’s all this article is filled with.

    • Truth

      Saying “he has nothing against Drake” and then insulting everything about him is so obviously contradictory that you should have picked up that the “he has nothing against Drake” part was the setup for a joke.

      As for the second part of your clueless post(s), his ridiculous colloquial language is the character he’s writing as — how are you not picking up on this?? If you read some of his posts, it’s evident that he’s actually fairly cultured, so I’m sure he could construct grammatically sound sentences when he’s not playing an over the top character.

    • bmof

      dude, why you keep replying. this joker john gates clearly doesnt get the joke. so just let him come to drizzy’s rescue like the dubmass he is.

    • cankles_mccellulite

      go suck your father’s hemorroided stinkstar!

    • PJ McGee

      You’re an idiot… Big ghost has been doing this for years and it’s well known he thinks Aubrey been bleeding rainbows since his wheel chair days… You come on here thinking your about to read some unbias trolling stone review? Fuckadahere NAMSAYIN

    • cankles_mccellulite

      you ain’t black u uglee lil geezah! you just want black cack in your stinkstar

    • John Gates

      I don’t give a fuck, he sounds like a fucking moron, nothing he said makes sense, it’s filled with contradictions and he sounds like a 12 year old. Don’t claim to have nothing against someone and then proceed to bash them and not the music, NAMSAYIN B. I’m assuming you’re really Big Ghost NAMSAYIN B.ig ghost.

    • Riski (Paris)

      you’re stupid

    • Shoryu the street killer

      An emotional response from someone who is clearly a Drake stan, justifying his own existence…

    • FriendsWit DaDealer

      Damn dude, you don’t even realize how uninformed and outta touch you sound right now. Sad, just sad. Imma need you to keep up a lil more before you comment.

    • Nick • Eyebone

      LMAO very true

  • Thabz

    Wow that is so low, don’t like the album much nor am I crazy about Drake, but this score is just insulating bra…Like 1/2?!?!

  • Cherry Skies

    The review of Weston Road Flows is the most accurate description of 75% of Drake’s lyrics. I will never understand how so many people relate to his specific ass ‘Courtney from Hooters on Peachtree’ raps.

  • Cherry Skies

    “Before I can even fully say to myself that this seems like it might got some real potential the boy ‘Brey comes in wit the Lionel Richie “All Night Long” Caribbean flow again.”

    I had to listen to All Night Long again and Drake DEAD ASS jacked Lionel’s flow LOL. I’m starting to think this dude is incapable of actually creating anything.

  • Andre Devine

    meh. ok review. The puns are much weaker than before. You just mad to be mad man… and although on others you give an unbiased review, even if you hate the music, that was something i always felt refreshing. you weren’t scared to say what everyone else wouldn’t. it was entertainment that had no equal. Ghost its obvious your heart isn’t in it. that’s ok though.

    1/2 out of 5 is prolly not accurate though. i know you dislike his music but that’s a bit too much bias, even for you.

    i’d give the review itself 2 out of 5. that’s generous and only because you acknowledge your bias up front. I was hoping for a little more entertainment value tho. Hey at least you got the hit!

  • KashIsKlay

    Drake peaked years ago.

  • Rasta Dalek

    Lot of good parts on this review but probably my favorite is the addition of the 🙁 sad faces when quoting the lyrics. So good.

  • James Stewart

    I don’t know why I keep reading these reviews exactly. The grumpy, fat 45 year old guy from the 90s opinion on rap music from today thing….I guess it’s just supposed to be cute and good for a couple of laughs….but after a few minutes it’s just sad….

    • D. Angelo-Vickers

      Man. You summed it up well, James

    • NoNameNeeded

      I disagree. The review’s funny and the review is correct. Views is TRASH. Just when you thought Drake might do some real shit after that IFYRTITL mixtape and album with Future he drops this heaping pile of trash. He needs to lose the half moon and the beard and go back to being a fucking soft, Canadian dork.

    • Thaps

      We still listen to the 90s even now this shit wont last a year

    • Bis

      @jds151515:disqus fuckin rekt! haha
      Much respect Thaps. Couldn’t be more accurate.

    • AMA

      GFK has dropped 4 albums in the past 4 years, all of which are infinitely better and have been better reviewed than Drake’s albums. Not to mention he has got 3 classic masterpiece albums under his belt

    • Jesse Meadows

      This is not Rap. Its good rap now in 2016. But for some reason they don’t want to give the real MC’s a chance anymore. You have to be Pop Hop now a days

    • Derek Eklund

      Hip-hop is going through its hair metal phase. Some people are complacent about it, some make fun of it.

    • Steve Wells

      The best part of a new Drake album is when ghost trashes it

    • François

      Drake is mad weak bruh, Drake be decaf americano with a drop of milk, he be Renly’s Loras Tyrell aka Champagne Puppy. This dude actually understands rap, now and then and write reviews accordingly. He gives plenty a Zeus slap to dope albums (Kendrick, Paak, Schoolboy, Action B etc.). Drake is a great pop artist though, one of the best at the moment.

  • kennyken

    Yeah, I totally disagree with this review. This Drake album is very listenable. A man showing his insecurities. DMX apparently has a lot of demons and insecurities, nuff said on that.

  • Robbie Miles

    It’s crazy so many people read his reviews and then bitch about him being biased against drake, rightfully so.. his music is pretty wack, if you don’t like it don’t read it.. don’t read the whole thing and then comment bitching about it.

  • SquirtleBoy Q

    People in here complaining about the review need to get up on Big Ghost.
    Shit is straight jokes. I expected nothing less from Mr. Cocaine Biceps himself.
    Big Ghost the GOAT

  • Johnny Boy

    No secret that Drake is garbage. One of the worst.

  • cankles_mccellulite

    trying to read this hurt my effing head. drake is a total poseur but holy jeez take a writing course. this is really insulting writing and makes you look like a high school dropout. got some funny lines but this writing should be burned. i know you’re trying to be all ghetto and “stupid” (fuck english class!) but geez get a little book called: “the elements of style” by strunk. don’t waste any talent trying to look this stupid. namysayean?

    • PJ McGee

      Says the dude that hasn’t capitalized a word in his life?!?

    • cankles_mccellulite

      some of us don’t type. it’s my signature. not using capitals and being an abject failure at writing the english language are very different. but carry on black snatcha.

    • Truth

      Capitalization aside, your posts are riddled with improper grammar. It’s ironic that you can barely string together consecutive sentences without an error while criticizing someone who’s intentionally writing as a character.

      Also, claiming that the omission of capitalization is your “signature” is one of the lamest things I’ve ever seen. How self important are you that you think about your stylistic “signature” when posting anonymously on comment boards?

    • cankles_mccellulite

      oh sit and spin!

    • Truth

      1. Throwing irrelevant and over the top ad hominem insults when you can’t respond with a real argument or comment
      2. Editing/deleting previous comments that made you look foolish
      3. Racist comments
      4. Stalking my profile to other articles and throwing more ridiculous ad hominem insults.

      … That’s the internet troll grand slam right there. Good work

    • cankles_mccellulite

      make who LQQK foolish? u don’t even know who i am lol! anonymous.

    • Shoryu the street killer

      Whoever you are, you might,wanna consider killin’ yourself…

    • cankles_mccellulite

      stick it up your horny hole!

    • cankles_mccellulite

      you should kill urself you’re the no good lying drky destined for jail. enjoy your time behind bars it’s what america has planned for your kind. enjoy.

    • cankles_mccellulite

      don’t forget to wish mom a happy mother’s day!…or maybe she’ll call you from prison?

    • cankles_mccellulite

      are u dead yet or still jackin off to anime porn on your ninja turtles tablet? caff caff

    • cankles_mccellulite

      go gorf ur bf’s cack and get your battered tonsils flooded with come.

    • Truth

      It looks like I struck a nerve. Calling you out on your BS must have really hurt your feelings.

      FYI when you hurl random vulgar insults at people on anonymous message boards, your target’s reaction usually isn’t “oh my gosh! I’m going to cry” — it’s more like “this guy is an idiot” or “I wonder what’s wrong with him.”

    • cankles_mccellulite

      i want to tongue dart your hemorroided stinkstar like there’s a $50 bill inside it. bend over baby! you ready?

    • Shoryu the street killer

      Ether, da shit that make ya soul burn slow…

    • cankles_mccellulite

      go back to fucking your mother’s greasy minge!

    • cankles_mccellulite


  • Dee Jay

    The Drake stans are having meltdowns.

    To be told, Drake was always mediocre.

  • Michael

    Fire review as usual b, but for real where is the FOHest moments of 2015??

  • disqus_9vJ6MNuZoc

    Big Ghost is a white dude from Canada did this publication really pay him to write this barely comprehensible parody of AAVE?

  • BigBadBryant

    Drake has you stans hypnotized. No different than Talyor Swift fans. No different than Beyoncé fans. You’re a blind fan of the artist’s brand who can’t objectively criticize their music. I don’t know how you can listen to Views and not at least admit that the bars were corny and the production was subpar.

  • Idk man. I used to love these reviews back when in like ’11 or ’12. But now it just comes off as try hard. Now don’t get me wrong I’m a huge Drake fan and this album is mediocre compared to his others with a few gems in between but yeah… wasn’t half as bad as Ghost is making it out to be but I understand your shtick. Get your money pleighboi.

    • Ken Louis

      Yeah it was

  • PJ McGee

    Yo this shit had me laughing out loud the entire time… I fuck with phantom raviolis all day…

  • Jesse Meadows

    The Drake is Garbage. I was expecting a lot more. This shit is a hard listen. He need to stick to the Raps and not sing that is what is wrong with this Album.. Production decent. Just needs a better singer on them.

  • Jimjambongs

    Honestly disappointed in myself for finding these funny years ago. Shit is corny.

  • @adventuresofjt

    spot on. I absolutely cannot believe so many dudes actually support Drake or list him as a favorite “Rapper”. This is my thoughts exactly. What a flaming fake ass faggot

  • J ames moore

    This where the drake haters come to meet to feel better about hating lmao

  • Juggernuts

    Track 3, when Drake says “I be on some DMX shit, I DM my exes”, I literally threw my phone across the room. Fuck Drake, son.

  • All Night

    What up Big Ghost, seems you think you’re rapping on this review? How about you compose a proper sentence so that we may take your viewpoint seriously. Leave the Ebonics to the pros putting it on wax. There’s no place in journalism for it, delusional or not. Peace.

    • Riski (Paris)

      you impressively stupid

    • Shoryu the street killer

      Advance level dumbass

  • Evolution 1079

    Wow Big Ghost. I think you went a little easy on Drake here.

    I listened to Views and I can’t believe that amidst all the hype, clamor, and hooplah Drake has had the last 2 years, he put out such an unbelievably bland album.

    He hasn’t had many, if any, missteps in the public favor recently. He’s been announced as the global ambassador for the Raptors. He’s been seen courtside at high profile basketball games in Toronto at the Air Canada Center, and Raptors players shook hands with him after they defeated the Indiana Pacers in 7 games.

    There have been allegations of Drake having ghostwriters and he navigated through those shark-infested waters and came atop the accusations looking rosier than ever and with thousands of more followers on twitter.

    He released ‘Hotline Bling’ which has 3/4 of a BILLION views on YouTube, spawned a whole bunch of memes and even gave Drake his own “dance move”

    Yet after all of this lead-up to the album (Summer 16, Work, & One Dance) he still managed to put out what is perhaps one of his most tasteless efforts ever.

    Drake will never have this much hype again leading up to an album (kudos to him if he can manage this much excitement in the public eye) and I’m a little disappointed that Views didn’t turn out to be a #CLASSIC

  • stephen

    This is someting mi nuh fucks wit but mi nuh waan downgrade the yutes
    dem… Mi nuh waaaaaan fi do that…truss mi. Yuh affi know when to say
    ¯_(ツ)_/¯ tho. It………Im over here rolllin….

  • FriendsWit DaDealer

    This wasn’t nearly as funny as your other Drake reviews, but still dope nonetheless. Always love Big Ghost’s insight.

  • Bruce Wayne


  • Jonathan W. Andrews

    U r right.