D'Angelo playing "Tell Me If You Still Care" March 4, 2013 at Brooklyn Bowl

I saw the setlist for last night’s D’Angelo/?uestlove Brooklyn Bowl funkfest (recapped here) shortly after the show began, and hoped in my heart that the song listed on the sheet as “Tell Me If You Care” was indeed the S.O.S. Band‘s early 80’s classic “Tell Me If You Still Care.”

It was.

And it was awesome.

Producer and Editor: Allison Swank
Videographers: Myo Campbell + Nelson Mandela Nance


  • Hell yeah we still care!!! MUSIC needs him so much!!! How can he doubt about it??! So talented, so humble and so addictable!!! ‘Been listen this song (“Tell me…”) hundred times since yesterday and make me feel so good! Common D’ share your art again with the World, we don’t care about physical things, we want our spirits to be Free and it’s easier with You!!! I guess that this showbiz thing is bullsh#t and you’re far from that bit i don’t understand why you’re so fearful with your music and your fans?! If you know how much you count for us you wouldn’t hesitate one seconde for your new album… Peace

  • Sher-Thang

    this is MUSIC. D’angelo we all miss you SO much. I’m in love with this song already, just after listening once- that’s what you do! PLEASE COME TO SOUTH AFRICA THOUGH! HUGE FOLLOWING HERE, D

  • am

    I love him! I can’t wait until he drops his new CD. Thank God for ?uest helping him out.

  • crazygemini12

    It’s awesome! I wish there was an mp3 for it!