Daft Punk Tour Announcement Teased In New Video

Though they’ve been part of some memorable music moments over the last decade, nobody’s seen Daft Punk live and direct since their ALIVE 2007 tour. Which is fine, really. But the thirst for a return to the stage from the pioneering French duo has been heavy, and it’s driven some folks to some pretty fantastic ends only to be let down time and time again.

If it sounds painfully familiar, it’s because we went through this only a few months back when a specially-dedicated Daft Punk page was discovered on Lollapalooza’s site, sparking the first wave of anxiety for fans realizing that 2017 would be prime for a non-Starboy resurgence, as their last two tours arrived a decade apart; first in 1997 in support of their debut album Homework and again in 2007. Now a Reddit user has (probably) dug a little a too deep into the coding of what appears to be a teaser clip for a new tour announcement, claiming the code to be coordinates for live dates.

This writer’ll hold off on the conjecture. But it does seem that something‘s on the way. Peep the video down below and hold tight for their next transmission.



  • The codes are not live dates. They are cities coords!
    Europe and Asia

    Barcelona Madrid
    Stratford-upon-Avon United Kingdom
    Lisbon Portugal Osaka Japan
    Ireland Dublin
    Oneiro Brazil
    S Paulo
    Buenos Aires Argentina
    North America
    Miami United States
    Glasgow United Kingdom
    Paris France
    London United Kingdom
    Nes France
    Dsseldorf Germany

    Amsterdam Netherlands
    Esch-sur-Alzette Luxembourg Ireland Turin Italy
    North America Los Angeles United States
    New York City United States
    North America
    Las Vegas United States
    Mexico City Monterrey
    Kobe Japan

    Melbourne Australia
    Perth T

  • wow

  • fartknocker

    To keep your hopes and dreams in check: most are calling this a fake. Trust me, I want it to be true just as much as you.