A Wu-Tang Clan Classic Is Sampled In Iggy Azalea's New Comeback Song

A Wu-Tang Clan Classic Is Sampled In Iggy Azalea's New Comeback Song

How did this sample get approved?

Wu-Tang Clan‘s classic track is now a part of Iggy Azalea‘s latest release.

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Azalea’s “Kream,” which features Tyga, was recently-released as a part of her EP Surviving The Summer. Now, “Kream” has its own music video which finds Azalea twerking in a bedroom filled with money alongside several other dancers. But one of the most notable parts of the track is the fact that “Kream” samples “C.R.E.A.M.,” one of Wu-Tang’s most popular songs. Specifically, the track samples Method Man‘s “Cash rules everything around me” part of the song.

Of course, one has to wonder: How did this sample get cleared? Who cleared the sample? Was it one member of Wu-Tang? Some of them? All of them? Method Man?

Considering the rap group’s album Once Upon a Time in Shaolin was actually in the hands of pharma bro Martin Shkreli at one point, it’s not too surprising that a Wu-Tang sample would end up on an Azalea track.

Hopefully, one of the members will speak on the track at some point. However, it might be safe to say that Wu-Tang founding member GZA isn’t a fan.

The rapper recently offered his thoughts on contemporary rap and said that it’s not in its golden age or even a silver or bronze age.

“Now musically, [hip-hop] will forever continue to change,” he said. “I’m not knocking producers or the artists nowadays. Some of the stuff sounds good and some doesn’t, but it’s just my opinion. But I think, lyrically, there’s been a regression.”

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