GZA Performs the Classics on NPR's Tiny Desk
GZA Performs the Classics on NPR's Tiny Desk
Source: NPR

GZA Doesn't Think Rap Is In A Golden, Silver Or Even Bronze Age

GZA Performs the Classics on NPR's Tiny Desk Source: NPR

The Wu-Tang Clan member isn't a fan of the new age of rap.

GZA, a revered lyricist and one of the founding members of the Wu-Tang Clan, doesn't think that contemporary rap is having a golden age moment.

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Speaking with the Miami New Times, when asked if rap is in a golden age, the rapper responded: "Nowhere near. It's not even the silver or the bronze age."

"Now musically, [hip-hop] will forever continue to change," he added. "I'm not knocking producers or the artists nowadays. Some of the stuff sounds good and some doesn't, but it's just my opinion. But I think, lyrically, there's been a regression."

GZA also spoke on the forthcoming anniversaries of albums Liquid Swords and Enter the Wu-Tang. The former turns 23 and the latter 25 in November of this year.

"Those albums mean a lot to me," GZA said. "This [was] at a time not long after my first solo deal and RZA's solo deal. Due to the lack of support and promotion, my career stalled, and so did his. So to be able to put out [36 Chambers], it's sorta like a comeback from that, and the same with Liquid Swords. Those are the strike-back albums for me."

Recently, GZA made headlines for playing chess while performing.

Source: Miami New Times