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Stretch Money

Stretch Money

As far as rap names go, the name Stretch Money, doesn’t exactly scream depth or lyrical substance.  Surprisingly enough, Detroit MC Stretch Money is anything but your typical superthug, slang poppin’ street rapper.  Although you do get glimpses of hustler-isms and hood montages on his sophomore effort 25 Miles Per Hour (see “Damn” featuring T-Dot) it is packaged in neat, finely-tuned lyrical odes about rap dreams, life struggles, and the cycle of the street grind.

Stretch’s lyrical prowess is evident from jump on the first track “Work Of Art” where he flows effortlessly from his hunger to make it to depictions of his hometown.  And Stretch has no problem revealing the obstacles that are in his way as he uses his piecing rhyme skills to address and expose fake rappers and being an overlooked artist on “What’s Hapnin”–basically a venting session about the current state of rap.  There’s more venting on “They Ain’t Listenin’” on which Stretch gets down right to the point with rhymes like “It’s about time that we unveil the covers on these fake punk pussy-made motherfuckers.”

Fortunately, Stretch spends more time on this LP waxing poetic in a slightly Pac-esque manner and a style dipped purely in Detroit flavor.  The majority of 25 Miles Per Hour showcases Stretch as an edgy yet eloquent storyteller.  “Smile” is the ear-catching, uplifting tune assembled by the acclaimed producer Nick Speed wherein Stretch offers a pep rap about prevailing despite life’s adversities.  Stretch delivers a short tale about his rap career from then to now on “Blow Ya Mind” over a sick, head-throbbing beat.

Repping the D inevitably and proudly on “Bury Me In My D Fitted”, Stretch is found spewing impassioned rhymes about his beloved city over a pounding beat-break coupled with an infectious melodic sample. Other notables include the mellow “Listen 2 Some Music” where Stretch reminisces on his love for music and “Let’s Get High” a track about kush. “You Just A Bitch” featuring Jake MC & Moe Dirdee, on the other hand, is playful and snappy but ultimately this LP probably would have been better off without it.

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Overall, in spite of some rough spots and mediocre production, this LP is solid.

-Andrea D. Wilson


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