Audio Premiere: WALDO x Sango - 'NSDE/OUTSDE' Double EP


WALDO resurfaces to premiere the highly-anticipated NSDE/OUTSDE double EP featuring production from close friend and fellow Michigan heavyweight Sango. The 10-track collection drops today via Ago Music, following the 2012 release of his Pick Your Own Poison EP. The project is dense with a fluidity and unrelenting heat that compliments WALDO's delivery and establishes him as a force to be reckoned with. From the slight drawl of his midwest flow to the confidence of his staccato, he commandeers the production with vivid imagery and a spirit of adventurousness that perfects the latest trend of experimentalism on the rise in hip-hop as Michigan continues its quiet reign. NSDE/OUTSDE features appearances from JOOSE and The SEVENth while Marvel Alexander and Mr. Carmack provide the assist on production. Check the track below to stream the full project from WALDO. Scroll down to get a bit more insight from WALDO and peep the tracklisting. Download WALDO's NSDE/OUTSDE double EP via nsdeoutsde.com.


1. N (Prod. by Sango)

2. Finally (Prod. by Sango)

3. Out (Prod. by Sango)

4. Kobe's Room (Truth Be Told)(Prod. by Sango)

5. AGO (Feat. Joose)(Prod. by Sango & Mr. Carmack)


1. Red Toyota, Naomi's Song (Prod. by Sango)[co-prod. $ir OJ] add. guitar by Marvel Alexander

2. Purple Heart (Prod. by Sango)

3. Yellow Garage (Leroy Glow) (Feat. The SEVENth) (Prod. by Sango)

4. Explicit Content (Prod. by Sango)

5. Balcony (Outro) (Prod. by Sango) add. guitar by Marvel Alexander