Tyler, The Creator Teases Fans With A Clip Of 'Five Things You Didn't Know About Me'


Tyler, The Creator has teamed with FOX's Animation Domination High-Def studios to drop a preview of their collaborative project entitled Five Things You Didn't Know About Me. The upcoming show is the brainchild of Tyler and former Adult Swim development exec and Loiter Squad executive producer Nick Weidenfeld. He commented on the production's inception in a recent interview with BuzzFeed:

“He made some joke about how he likes to put all his chains on when he brushes his teeth, and we were just talking about shorts and I was like, ‘Oh, let’s go in the booth and just tell me five other things you wouldn’t know about… or let’s just talk about all the other things you wouldn’t know about yourself,’” Weidenfeld remembers.

What resulted was a hilarious, very Tyler, and very vivid list of things. “He just sort of talks like that all the time and no one ever really records it,” Weidenfeld says. “It also feels like it’s animatable because he’s also giving you very visual things.”

The short clocks in at 11-seconds and packs a pretty big punch for such a brief run-time, with Tyler managing to mock the excess of fame and deliver the first of five items on his list without any of it feeling rushed. The matter of fact nature of the spare animation from Henry The Worst throws back to the 24-bit glory days of MS Paint and employs a great color palette to translate Tyler to the screen in cartoon form. Tyler's hilarious commentary, as usual, brings it all home. Check the footage below to watch the teaser for Five Things You Didn't Know About Me from Tyler, The Creator and FOX ADHD studios.