Tyler, The Creator "Tamale" [Official Video]

Tyler, The Creator Continues to Raise Eyebrows with his "Tamale" Video

Tyler, the Creator "Tamale"

How a drug free person can possibly make videos like this is beyond me. Once again, Odd Future‘s general, Tyler, the Creator, pushes the boundaries of censorship and creativity with his latest video, “Tamale.” It is one of the better songs off of Wolf, but as you’d expect, it comes with its’ fair share un-PC one liners. Mostly looking like another A+ visual out of Tim and Eric‘s ‘How To Make A Music Video’ school, an interesting scene arises around the 20 second mark, where apparently the clip is too graphic for even a Tyler video. This would be just about the part in the song where Tyler has a pretty low and uncalled for line directed at Spike Lee (I don’t know if that’s what the graphic scene is about, just a guess).¬†I’d love to hear from Tyler what he had originally planned for that scene.¬†Following up on the pixilated scene you see Tyler jumping up and down on a giant booty like a trampoline, as if to say “since you won’t let me push the line and make my point, I’ll just give you what you want, more ass.” After we’re done with all the tamale tamale, we cut to a clip to another Wolf track, “Answer,” which features Pharrell on drums and Tyler going through an on couch catharsis, venting about his absentee father. Video directed by Wolf Haley (Tyler). Wolf is in stores now. Plenty to comment on, so get it all out, below.

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