Theophilus London - Timez Are Weird These Nights, The Remixes [LP Stream]

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Tomorrow, April 24th new age saga boy Theophilus London drops Timez Are Weird These Nights. That's the remix LP of his Timez Are Weird These Days album--you know kind of like Baywatch vs Baywatch Nights, except with DJs and remixers instead of vampires and sh*t. Just to give us a taste, Theoph is letting us hear the whole thing (via the good people at Rolling Stone) just to give us a taste--you know, kind of like when the bouncer at a club will let the prettiest girl in your party inside for 5 minutes to scope it out and "see if your friends are there." Trust us, they're there, just give the man 20 dollars and get your hand stamped already. But if you don't believe me, click the link below to verify.

>>>Stream (via RS)