Watch ‘The Daily Show’ Troll Sneakerheads At Sneaker Con

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Watch 'The Daily Show' Troll Sneakerheads At A Convention

Watch 'The Daily Show' Troll Sneakerheads At A Convention

As soon as sneakers were introduced into the world of high fashion, the sneakerhead was born, opting for a life of eternal heat for their feat over longterm financial stability. Recently The Daily Show set out to explore this strange new world and its two-tiered market; one legit, the other slightly less legit, but each capitalizing on the insatiable demand for premium materials and scuff-less kicks.

In the field, we find TDS’s Hasan Minhaj sitting opposite Josh Luber (who founded an actual sneaker stock market and is widely considered an expert in price fluctuations in the secondary market,) delving into just what drives the industry and how/where one can keep up with it all. Then he takes to Sneaker Con, where he trolls the hell out of some hypebeasts by licking, bending and generally doing the unthinkable to shoes that range from $500-$2,000, driving grown-ass men to squirm and cringe. Minhaj even tracks down one BenjaminKickz BKA The Sneaker Don; an adolescent collector that has a million-dollar-plus haul and outfits a grip of superstars with the latest drops.

If you’ve ever wondered just how this unholy realm of sneaker-hunting works, The Daily Show‘s got the full (and hilarious) scoop. Check it out below.

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