Pass The Popcorn: Spike Lee's Documentary On Michael Jackson's 'Off The Wall' Lands Sundance Premiere

Read about the Spike Lee Off The Wall Documentary On Michael Jackson's ClassicSpike Lee Off The Wall Documentary

Seeing as how Spike Lee is currently holding a defensive stance over public reception to his recently released Chi-Raq film (more on that in a bit,) we're gonna go ahead and shift our attention to a project that seems to be even more promising, particularly for all you Michael Jackson fans. Many know and love the documentary feature that Spike put together in celebration of Bad's 25th anniversary, but perhaps few knew that Spike doubled down on the MJ flicks with a 35th-anniversary tributary documentary to the groundbreaking solo record Off The Wall. 

Best of all, Michael Jackson's Journey from Motown to 'Off the Wall' will be making its theatrical debut at Sundance next month, right alongside the first ever documentary treatment of Maya Angelou's life, making this a prime year for docs at the mountainside film festival. So if you've yet to decide on whether to make the trip, this should prove to be ample reasoning to book a flight and catch a few flicks. No trailer for the Off The Wall documentary or nationwide release dates have been made available just yet, but we'll certainly keep our heads on a swivel for the latest.

h/t Shadow And Act