OKP Premiere: UK Do-It-All Shift K3Y Dazzles w/ Electric R&B On Two Infectious New Cuts

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For those on our side of the pond, the name Shift K3Y may be a bit unfamiliar, but the UK’s supremely smooth crooner has arrived and in a massive way. As of late, he’s been realizing all of his childhood music-nerd dreams, putting in work with Chaka Khan and Robin Thicke for their forthcoming projects, as well as being one of the most in-demand remix technicians in the game. But today you’re in for a special introduction, folks, as OKP has the pleasure of premiering two very funky new cuts from this soul smith on-the-rise, performed, written and produced entirely by K3Y.

“Crying In My Sleep” is the sort of tender, house-touched, dance-floor-freaker that combines the electric and minimalist approach of Disclosure with the dazzling vocal acrobatics of Michael Jackson-esque runs and trills. Then there’s the infectious mid-tempo romp of “2 Doors,” deeply intimate and wholly reminiscent of the golden Neptunes touch, backed by a harder knock and deceptively slippery synth beds and bass licks. Each of these fine frequencies proves K3Y has more than just luck behind him and that the chops are well accounted for. You can find both offerings on his forthcoming Off The Record project, which will gift us two new tracks per week until it’s reached completion. So be sure to keep your head on a swivel for those in the weeks ahead. Until then, catch the feels from Shift K3Y’s first pair of cuts below and hold tight for more from this formidable new presence in the left-field. Grab a copy of the singles on iTunes today.

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