Mike Dean & Bink! Argue Over Kanye West's "Devil In A New Dress" Production Credits

Mike Dean & Bink! Argue Over Kanye West's "Devil In A New Dress" Production Credits

Mike Dean & Bink! Argue Over Kanye West's "Devil In A New Dress" Production Credits

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My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, which the track appeared on, recently turned nine.

Mike Dean and Bink! recently argued over the production credits of Kanye West‘s “Devil in a New Dress.”

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The back and forth between the two producers came about after Complex tweeted the following meme about the track.

Someone remarked that Bink! made the beat while Mike Dean provided the track’s solo. The latter then responded to that comment, saying, “I made the whole section.”

From there, Bink! got into the discussion and said that Dean “has never done anything like this in his career BY HIMSELF!”

“Why the hate. U never did anything like that by yourself either fam. It’s magic. Like we said when we met up with ross,’ Dean said, before saying that he did the song’s bassline, layered strings, and “evisioned created and played every instrument u hear in the breakdown, not to mention mixed it.”

“Mix was HORRIBLE!! I’ve always said that!!! My 2track fucks your entire mix up!” Bink! responded. “You replaying what i already had ain’t writing mf! You don’t get down like me period!! Your ye’s boy period! I didn’t and don’t need u on my shit! Ya lame ass lying.”

In a since-deleted tweet, Bink! went on to say: “To all that know me know I don’t need no LAME ASS WHITE BOY to help me with shit! He’s putting on for the net rt now! @therealmikedean know fucking well he has never and will never be as soulful as me! Foh.”

In response, Dean said: “Oh u going racial now. What’s your last placement fool.”

“Can u all believe @sommeave Hubble man attacked me on Twitter for making his song better and the classic it is,” he continued. “What would it be without the break. Another hiphop loop. And calling me lame ass white guy is out of line. Hope tweeter bans u for hate speech. I’m done. Back to mixing.”

Back in 2018, Dean had spoken on his and Bink!’s role in producting the track on Twitter.

“I was co-producer on there. I did all the music in breakdown alone. Bink did the drums and sample,” he tweeted at the time.

The last exchange between the pair in regards to the song’s production credits came from Bink!, who tweeted the following on Sunday (November 24).

“This FOSSIL actually said out of his nasty ass mouth that i never did a track like devil in a new dress without him! Picture that! Where da fuck u think that whole style came from? You? Christopher Columbus ass mf! You ain’t discovered shit either,” he wrote.

The track is the only one on the album to not be produced by West.

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