Method Man Clears The Air On New Wu Album, Hip-Hop Media & More On HuffPost Live

Method Man

Honestly, Wu-Tang wouldn’t be Wu-Tang without some kind of inner-conflict and people mad at RZA. However, it seems cooler heads have prevailed, and the members are directing more of their scorn in a different direction now. Never one to bite his tongue, Method Man made an appearance on HuffPost live yesterday to keep the Once Upon A Time In Shaolin debate alive and sound off on a number of other topics as well. Mef clarifies that he was misinformed on the album details, which led to his widely circulated quote on his feelings on the album. He also makes it clear that this wouldn’t have happened if RZA kept the rest of the Clan fully in the loop. As a result of this mixup, Mr. Mef goes on to say this is why he hates doing interviews with hip-hop media or the “bloodsuckers” of the culture as he calls them. He throws some venom at “B level” Wu affiliates like Cilvaringz as well. At the risk of misquoting Mef, I’ll let you hear it all right from his mouth, below.