RZA Clarifies This 88-Years Business & Addresses Method Man's Outburst

RZA Takes To Twitter To Clarify This 88-Years Business & Address Method Man's Outburst

The last few days have been anything but tranquil in Shaolin. First we found out that the secret Wu-Tang Clan piece Once Upon A Time In Shaolin would continue to dangle just out-of-reach to the public for the next 88 years (!) Then we learned that Wu wasn't exactly standing in accord on the topic when Method Man gave XXL that earful of outrage. And today, RZAthe architect behind this most unconventional roll-out, has offered us a bit of clarification as to what the embargo actually means.

Bobby Digital’s tangent comprised a series of tweets, addressing both the 88-year copyright and the media’s misconstruing it’s purpose and meaning, as well as Mef’s heated comments on the embargo. The Wu figurehead explained that the intention of the copyright was to keep the piece (which is officially a 1-of-1, after the album’s producer Cilvaringz allegedly destroyed all of the tapes) from being purchased, replicated or distributed by any corporate entities, specifically.

That’s good and well and all, but it doesn’t exactly offer us any sort of resolve. I mean, in the event that whatever closet Shaolin fan that manages hedge funds (perhaps from the ever-adulated Wu Tang Financial firm?) gets their hands on it, they still won’t be able to share the treasure without the explicit consent of RZA and/or Cilvaringz, which would put us precisely where we are today; in a better, but still not great tomorrow, where the promise of a new Wu-Tang piece is still shrouded in all of this ridiculous marketing maneuvering. Below you'll find all of the tweets and none of the satisfaction. Stay locked, as we'll be sure to keep our eyes on the situation as it continues to develop.

It all started with:

"@xxl @methodman let us clarify for you. A 88 year "non commercialization"clause. Means corporations can't buy it & mass produce it for sell"