Khemist - "Man Down" [Official Video] (dir. Trelevision)

Khemist - "Man Down" [Official Video] (dir. Trelevision)

by karaslamb
October 01, 2014 11:30 AM

Khemist Returns With The Official Video For "Man Down" - His Biting Brief On The Number Of Black Men Killed By Police.

Khemist returns with the official video for “Man Down” – a biting brief on the number of black men lost at the hands of police – shot by Trelevision. Reporting from the ground Khemist serves up a flurry of bars that land like ticker tape and list the names that have sadly become synonymous with the sobering “kill first, ask questions later” trend that often typifies the contentious and sometimes fatal relationship between law enforcement officers and men of color. From Sean Bell to Oscar Grant and Michael Brown, Khemist gives one of the more staggering remembrances of the men whose lives have been claimed by the guns and batons and violent whims of cops. Khemist’s statements are only made more emphatic and painful to endure given the fact that he is delivering all of them from a crime scene, beneath a white sheet. Check the footage below to watch the official video for “Man Down.” Stay tuned for more from Khemist.

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