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Video: J*DaVeY “Little Tramp$”

Video: J*DaVeY “Little Tramp$”

J*DaVeY Little Tramp$

Many congrats to Miss Jack Davey for entering the world of motherhood, definitely a blessing. But on some selfish shit, we’re glad to see her and Brook are back to rolling out that good music. A few weeks ago we got some solo ish from Jack, now we revisit J*DaVeY‘s 2011 LP, New Designer Drug, with some new visuals today. The video for “Little Tramp$” (not to be confused with Ugly Tramps), is said to be inspired by Mike Tyson on Broadway, and was directed by Spaghetto in collaboration with creative director Naivasha Thomas. “I wanted to get intimate with the entertaining personalities that form J*DaVeY,” Miss Thomas explains. “There is a level of performance that seeps from their pores both on & of stage, & it is truly powerful.” For those keeping count, Brook gets smacked up by a baby, a German shepard, Holly Lawson, some Chuck Taylors, and his own right hand.

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