Jay-Z x Zane Lowe BBC Video Interview

Jay-Z x Zane Lowe On WTT, Timbaland & More [BBC Interview Part 1]

Jay-Z x Zane Lowe BBC interview

We have been gettin’ dribs and drabs from this Jay-Z x Zane Lowe interview for BBC Radio 1 all weekend but the Brits have finally decided to release the crown jewels, so to speak, and have dropped part 1 in the form of a 16-minute video clip. Jay shares with Zane the “vibe” created by different studios and producers that have shaped his sound, including Kanye West and Timbaland and–perhaps most interestingly–also reveals that “Holy Grail” and “Oceans” were at one point in contention for the Watch The Throne tracklisting (or at least they were in Kanye’s mind) and that “No Church In The Wild” and “Made In America” (arguably the two most powerful cuts on WTT, IMO) were actually recorded afterwards, to replace them–freeing the first two for inclusion on Magna Carta Holy Grail. That’s just the zip of the iceberg, so to speak. Watch below to be, um, illuminated on these topics and more.

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