Big Ghost Reviews Jay-Z – ‘Magna Carta Holy Grail’

Eddie "STATS" Imported from Detroit.
Jay-Z Magna Carta Holy Grail MCHG

Jay-Z Magna Carta Holy Grail MCHG

Ayo whattup you now back in the presence of the great n powerful Thor Molecules aka Broccoli Bundles aka Shampoo Bracelets aka the infamous Cocaine Biceps aka the magnificent Phantom Raviolis…probably most famously known as the one n only mighty Hands Of Zeus or ya man Big Ghost. Much love to all these pieces that make up the whole jigsaw puzzles namsayin. Ion fuck wit no corny muthafuckas… so if you dont consider yaself amongst them lame ass dickriders who cant form a constructive thought on they own n be gettin emotionally bent outta shape when they favorite artist drops a brick n start blamin anybody but the ni**a who jus put out that trash in the first place n instead gotta start directin they anger at the world while turnin theyselves into a human shield around that ni**as ballsack then Ion mean you, aight. But if you DO sit around defendin artists who dont een kno you exist n ya only satisfaction be comin from shit like when the muthafucka screams out “I LOVE YALL” at his shows or hashtags #TeamWhateverWhatever n you take that shit as a personal thank you for holdin the ni**a down then yeah I mean YOU muthafucka. YOU might feel a connection wit that artist…n maybe after supportin his grind for years you start to feel like the shit is mutual…but that dude could very well walk right past you or give you the coldest “ni**a please” glare if you ask for his autograph or a quick picture n keep on steppin like you a complete fuckin nobody…especially if it aint no cameras round to capture that shade nahmean. But if you think cuz you got a picture of his face on ya lockscreen that some fairy godmother gon whisper that shit into his ear at night n make it so yall gon magically meet at a Krispy Kremess n become BFFs off the strength that you a creepy ass stalker who memorized all the ni**a lyrics n got the cover of his first album tatted across ya back then you need to humbly have a seat or a hundred n reevaluate ya life yo. You think any rap ni**a (or singer, or performer of any kind) gives a fuck bout you specifically tho? You a dime a dozen ass muthafucka to him b… Like you might could relate to that shit… You might say DAMN I SURE LOVE RICE…I LOVE ALLLLLLLL THIS RICE…but do you ever stop n isolate one grain of rice outta the whole bowl n nod ya head n think to yaself…MY NI**A.. THANK YOU SPECIFICALLY FOR ALL THE SHIT YOU DONE FOR ME YOU GLORIOUS GRAIN OF RICE YOU…??? Nawwww. Matter fact all that rice you love so much whether its some soft fluffy rice from a thai restaurant or jus some regular ol Uncle Bens converted shit is only gon mean so much to you b. You might LOVE it… but if some of that rice fall on the floor you dont think to yaself I REALLY REALLY WISH THAT THEY AINT HADDA GO OUT LIKE THAT…cuz they a dime a dozen to you bruh. So next time you runnin round jumpin in front of bullets for ya idol n gettin thrown in a verbal yoke over some bullshit somebody said bout him that got you tight n had you flappin ya jibbs to the wrong muthafucka n maybe even catchin a bad one on his behalf…pump ya brakes son.

All that bein said Imma come correct n tell yall right now that Hov probably my favorite rapper ever b. Yall thinkin FUCK THIS SHIT THIS NI**A BOUT TO BE BIASED THAN A MUTHAFUCKA… But truth be told…that dude done had his fair share of missteps…like I fucks wit his music heavy but he aint perfect neither. Son done made some trash ass songs (Whattup “Sunshine” n “Reminder”)…he dropped two weed plates wit Kells…he introduced the world to the Amil struggle…he tried to make Memphis Bleek a household name for somethin other than bein the worlds most popular weed carrier…n even tho he still sold mad units his albums since he came outta retirement never really captured the greatness of his pre-Kingdom Come joints…minus maybe American Gangster…n if we talkin collabs then the Watch The Throne joint (which was also the first real introduction to the NEW Jay-Z) was definitely official. You might think Jay was always on that luxury shit but he also knew how to balance the shit out wit some introspective thoughts n gave yall those glimpses of the realities of the hustler lifestyle nahmean…from “Can’t Knock The Hustle” to “99 Problems.” It was always em two sides to the ni**a namsayin. But the corporate Jay aint set foot on a grimy ass street corner in damn near forever nahmean… Last time he was in the hood he had Oprah Winfrey wit him bruh. He dont go to little ass house parties.. he attendin soirees n galas wit muthafuckas who blow what you make in a year on brunch namsayin. Fuckouttahere. He coppin priceless artwork that you would think was worthless n hangin wit that chick from Coldplay… He coppin 1/500,000th of a basketball team n becomin the face of the organization… He shakin hands wit the President n gettin crowned king in Africa n shit like that. But thats the evolution b. Son done already told yall if you want his old shit cop his old albums. But Imma keep it 1,000,000 HUNNA wit yall…lotta that has to do wit the fact that son can’t do what he use to do. He ain’t been hungy like that since he dumbed down for his audience n doubled his dollars. Anyways yo.. the point is I think Hov a living legend n probably top 3 ever but I aint gon pat son on the back for some lackluster shit. But yo lets get into this shit one time. Shouts to okayplayer. You kno what it is…

The views n what have you in this muthafucka is all my owns…so that aint in no way a reflection of nobody other than myself n whatever else b. No other man or woman or child represented heretofore n such hereby is sharin the opinion of the gentleman who be sayin the shit contained within namsayin. This muthafucka do be containin foul language n shit that might offend small children n old people n shit too. It should be noted by all those who is present today here today before God that yall here on ya own accord n if anybody not cool wit that they should leave now or forever hold they peace…

1. “Holy Grail” (f/ Justin Timberlake) – First off I wanna say big ups to Jay for ignorin the obvious but corny option he had to call this album Magna CARTER Holy Grail. Had this been Nas we already kno he woulda done some shit like MagNAS Carta.. or whatever. But yo…back in ’96 after hearin “Pain In Da Ass” on the intro for Reasonable Doubt Ion think anybody coulda guessed that someday son woulda had the little curly blonde cracker from the Mickey Mouse Club n future Britney Spears ex doin the intro on his 12th solo joint but HEY thats the beauty of music bruh. After like13 mins of JT croonin his heart out the beat kicks in n OHMAHHGAWDSON the shit slaps like a muthafucka..Im like GATDAMM YO… I mean I knew after seein the game 5 Samsung hijack durin the finals (we not callin that shit a “commercial” or any kinda “ad” b…ni**as dropped a 3 minute mini-documentary in the middle of one of the biggest basketball games of the year…thats hijackin the airwaves yo) that the “overweight” gallon of punch packin n banana inhalin (pause) Timbaland who made “Dirt Off Your Shoulders” n “Big Pimpin” was back in effect… Like I realize Timbo wanna redeem hisself for what we jus gon start referrin to as “The BP3 Debacle” n shit but the ni**a took it to the next level on this joint… Only problem was after Hov gets his Hov on for a quick 16 its like another 5 mins of JT singin n then again for like 17 mins at the end of the track. Somebody needs to reintroduce theyself to the “less is more” concept again yo. I mean no disrespect to Justin but ni**as waited 4 years for a new solo album from Jigga…nobody tryna hear a 72 bar hook from ANY these feature ni**as right now. Ion care if Marvin Gaye hisself rose from his grave n brought MJ n Whitney wit him…Imma be like YALL SOME LEGENDS N I LOVE YALL BUT YALL GON HAVE TO FALL BACK N LET THIS MAN SPIT RIGHT NOW CUZ HE BEEN AWAY FOR A HOT MINUTE YO… But all that shit is minor. From what I heard The-Dream had a lot of this song done before Timbo or Jay did they thing on this…so my hats gotta come off for that muthafucka too since it was basically his joint. I fucks wit this tho.

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