Erykah Badu Dissects The Digital Age, Talks Twitter Etiquette & New Mixtape On 'The Questions'

Erykah Badu Dissects The Digital Age, Talks Twitter Etiquette & New Mixtape On 'The Questions'

It isn’t very often that we here at OKP HQ get the opportunity to catch up with the incomparable Erykah Badu at her home. Yes, that’s right, we got a chance to enter into the inner sanctum of Sarah Bellum, better known as DJ Lo Down Loretta Brown, also known as Miss Badoula Oblongata. The Dallas, Texas singer-songwriter and all-around creative is a pure original, a true one-and-only talent that we are excited to chat it up with. However and whenever we get the chance to do so, she always makes it worth the wait.

Take for instance, a recent transmission from her Brooklyn-clad mothership for a moment in this latest episode of The Questions, where the Analogue Girl blueprints her digital world takeover with Suz Tzu-like prowess, noting even the etiquette by which one must abide to engage with others without falling into the money, hoes and meme-filled clips and soundbites of the Twittersphere. Elsewhere, we find the woman also known as Maria Mexico speaking on the “Hotline Bling” spark that turned a half-serious cliff-note into a full-fledged album in less than two weeks!

By glancing into those big, beautiful green eyes, you’d never think that she was fully aware of what she’d accomplished in crossing the digital streams, creating new waves with every upload and Facetime. As she candidly answered calls from fans in her dim-lit nook, Badu remained unphased by the timeliness and timelessness that she had attained with her newly forged “TRap&B” style. A lot of people missed the opportunity to speak with the star of the upcoming Nas-produced film, The Land, by simply missing the phone number on the cover art. For those that didn't, Badu treated them to an experience they surely won't forget.

The celestial creative answered questions and had intimate conversations with her supporters and fans who have followed her career since its inception. The pure joy elicited from getting a chance to talk with Erykah Badu through her burn-out phone was once-in-a-lifetime awesomeness for those who were able to get through and reach her on the line. No longer a recluse, Badu is opening herself up in a new and innovative way. Fresh from her #AMA on Reddit, it appears that this is only the beginning from the land of Dig-i-Tron.

But you don’t have to take it from us, just let TheQuestions give you all the answers.

Peep Erykah Badu’s web and tech savvy session in the video below and see inside the hull of her mothership for yourself. Oh, and if you’ve somehow escaped the funkadelic grasp of her new project, But You Caint Use My Phone, hit iTunes to get down with one of the year’s best offerings, hands down.

Badu's Brooklyn abode dons a myriad of artworks including pieces by Carl Jones, Andre 3000 and many more.