Dilla's Delights Donut Shop Is Closing Permanently
Dilla's Delights Donut Shop Is Closing Permanently
Image via Facebook/Dilla's Delights

Dilla's Delights Donut Shop Is Closing Permanently

"We're not done but we're still trying to build back up," owner Herman Hayes said during an Instagram Live.

Dilla's Delights, the donut shop operated by J Dilla's uncle Herman Hayes — and apparently beloved by Conan O'Brien — is closing. Hayes shared the news on an Instagram Live on January 10, 2021.

"It's official — the donut shop is closed in that location," he said, referring to the shop's location on 242 John R Road. "We don't quite know which direction we're gonna go in and where we're gonna be, but we're working on some things."

Later in the video, Hayes added that he was looking for a new home for the shop and that "the possibilities are out there."

"We're definitely gonna keep donuts alive, Dilla's legacy alive...we gonna come back bigger, better and just be creative," he said.

Dilla's Delights was closed for more than a month in 2019 while Hayes recovered from cancer. The shop was only able to reopen for a few months before having to close again because of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020. Hayes cited the pandemic, as well as the lease being up for the shop, as to why he chose to keep it closed.

Hayes has previously said that he wants to move Dilla's Delights to a bigger location. In late 2019, he started a GoFundMe to get assistance paying off past bills while he recovered, as well as funds to upgrade the company's equipment and move to a new location.

"We are in negotiations with properties for a larger space to produce and sell our donuts and merchandise with room for seating and a museum," he wrote. "One potential site comes with enormous historic magnitude. We hope to acquire grants, partners, and/or investors to present a Dilla's Delights that truly defines a historical landmark and Detroit tourist attraction."