J Dilla Conan O'Brien Voting PSA
J Dilla Conan O'Brien Voting PSA
Screengrab via Twitter

"I Love My Donuts From Dilla's": Watch Conan O'Brien's Voting PSA For Michiganders

Now we all want to know who introduced Conan to the late J Dilla.

Conan O'Brien has released a series of PSAs for swing states as Election Day approaches, including one made just for Michigan. Now, what makes his Michigan PSA so special? Well, it includes a shoutout to J Dilla.

The minute-and-a-half clip begins with O'Brien saying: "I was born in Brookline, Massachusetts, but in my heart I've always been a Michigander."

"What can I say? I love my donuts from Dilla's, and my beer from Bell's," he adds.

The former part is clearly a reference to the beloved Detroit producer. But it's also probably more of a reference to Dilla's Delights, the donut shop opened by Dilla's uncle, Herman Hayes, in 2016. Hayes opened the shop in Dilla's honor. Earlier this year, Hayes had to start a GoFundMe for Dilla's Delights after the shop was closed in December last year while Hayes recovered from cancer.

In related news, the late producer is being sued in a copyright infringement lawsuit alleging that he sampled a rock band’s song without their permission. The lawsuit accuses Dilla of illegally sampling 10cc’s “The Worst Band in the World,” a song from the English rock band’s 1974 album Sheet Music, for his song “Workinonit,” which appeared on Donuts. The plaintiffs — Music Sales Corporation and publisher Man-Ken Music, Ltd. initially filed the complaint back in March, and amended it in April. They claim that Dilla, as well as other defendants listed (Universal Music, E.P.H.C.Y. Publishing, and label Stones Throw Records), did not “obtain or seek to obtain” permission to sample 10cc’s song.