Bill Cosby 2005 Court Documents Revealed

Bill Cosby Admitted To Buying Drugs To Give Women For Sex In Recently Released 2005 Court Documents

Bill Cosby Admits To Buying Drugs To Give Women For Sex In Recently Released 2005 Court Documents

Disturbing news in the increasingly weird and wild world of Bill Cosby, as The Associated Press has secured some troubling court documents from a 2005 case. The documents, which were made public today after the AP went to court to attain them, stem from the mid-2000s case in which he admitted to buying Quaaludes with the intention of giving them to women he wanted to have sex with after a Temple University employee filed a sexual abuse suit against him. Under oath, Cosby testified to giving that woman three half-pills of Benadryl, but the case was settled for undisclosed terms and in the years following nearly two dozen women have come forth with similar allegations, which have led to protests at recent shows and virtual silence from the Cosby camp. It’s certainly not the place of us music bloggers to determine a man’s guilt or innocence, but it does not take a legal mind to to say that it’s not looking good for the once-cherished comedian and father figure. And so the Bill Cosby saga rages on and with little hope of more but bad news–especially as all of the accusations so far aired seem to be past the statute of limitations, ensuring that each new revelation is all scandal and no justice (or closure). Doubtless there is more to this story yet to come, but the jury’s out whether anything will alter the current state of creepy legal limbo.


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