Big Sean Launches Mogul Prep
Big Sean Launches Mogul Prep
Photo of Big Sean courtesy of Instagram

Big Sean Launches 'Mogul Prep' To Help Kids Nationally

Big Sean Launches Mogul Prep Photo of Big Sean courtesy of Instagram.

Big Sean has collaborated with a lot of people during his career. The one that is going to matter most is his collaboration with his mom.

Big Sean and his mother Myra Anderson have launched Mogul Prep, a national educational program that will help students navigate the entertainment industry, while providing students with enough hard and soft skills that can be used in any profession. All the material in the curriculum, which is aligned with Common Core standards, was developed by veterans in the entertainment and education professions.

A pilot version of this was launched in Detroit back in 2015, and it was a success, with 300 Detroit students being involved.

Just as if he was releasing an album, Big Sean is taking this thing on tour: starting on April 1st he will embark on a five-day tour that will take him from Detroit to Miami. (The tour dates are on the bottom of the page.)

Speaking about the program, Big Sean says:

“I am grateful to be able to provide an educational program that today's students can easily relate to."

Myra adds:

“As a former teacher I know how difficult it is for teachers to develop lesson plans that consistently keep students actively engaged and are aligned to core standards. I also know how powerful providing students with a relevant and real world learning experience can be. I am happy to say that Mogul Prepsolves both of these problems.”

This sounds very cool, Sean.

*Puts "One Man Can Change the World" up a little louder*

Mogul Prep Tour Dates:

April 1– Detroit, Ml (Fox Theater)

April 8– Silver Spring, MD (The Filmore)

April 18 – Atlanta, GA (Tabernacle)

April 20 – Miami, FL (The Fillmore)