Control A Bat-Wielding Beyoncé In 'Lemonade Rage' Video Game
Control A Bat-Wielding Beyoncé In 'Lemonade Rage' Video Game

Control A Bat-Wielding Beyoncé In 'Lemonade Rage' Video Game

Control A Bat-Wielding Beyonc\u00e9 In 'Lemonade Rage' Video Game

Beyoncé's music video for "Hold Up" has inspired its own game.

Titled Lemonade Rage, the 8-bit web game has players controlling a bat-wielding Beyoncé as she destroys cars, fire hydrants and hair display windows (referencing the memorable "Becky with the good hair" line from "Sorry"), and dodges haters, Illuminati conspiracists, and dog poop. The more damage you cause the more points you get and the faster the game becomes, making it more of a challenge to break stuff and dodge enemies.

But the best part? The fact that the creators also remade "Hold Up" into an 8-bit soundtrack (courtesy of 8 Bit Universe).

"When we first saw Beyonce's whole Lemonade video we were blown away, especially by the 'Hold Up' video," Lemonade Rage developers Joe Laquinte, Justin Au, Line Johnsen and Colby Spear, said in an interview with Pigeons & Planes. "The more we thought about the video, we started to realize how it could make for a pretty sick video game."

The game is undeniably addictive. I've played it several times and achieved a high score of 720. You can play the game here,and leave your scores in the comment section.

Beyoncé put on a mesmerizing and powerful performance during the 2017 Grammy Awards. Weeks after announcing that she was pregnant with twins, the artist went onstage to perform "Love Drought" and "Sandcastles."

Beyoncé also took home two awards of her own last night for "Best Urban Contemporary Album" and "Best Music Video," with the artist now holding 22 Grammys throughout her career.

Unfortunately, Queen B did not take home the "Album of the Year" award, with the trophy instead going to Adele for her album 25. However, the "Hello" singer did use her speech to speak of her admiration of Beyoncé, referring to her as "the artist of my life," and thanking her for creating Lemonade.