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Jadakiss on Resolving Feud with 50 Cent: “It Wasn’t Even That Serious”

Jadakiss on Resolving Feud with 50 Cent: “It Wasn’t Even That Serious”

Jadakiss on Resolving Feud with 50 Cent in Record Time: "It Wasn't Even That Serious"
Source: Youtube

The LOX rapper details a shortlived beef that produced a pair of charting singles.

Jadakiss is the latest guest on Talib Kweli‘s People’s Party Podcast.

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Ahead of Monday’s full drop, a handful of excerpts from the interview have been released. In one clip, The LOX rapper recounts his brief, but memorable, spat with 50 Cent, seemingly out of mere proximity to Ja Rule‘s career at the very moment 50 decided he’d do all he could to erase it entirely. The duo exchanged charged verses in 2005, beginning with the Massacre song “Piggy Bank,” where 50 directly targets the Yonkers legend with the line, “Jada’ don’t fuck with me if you wanna eat, Cause I’ll do yo’ little ass like Jay did Mobb Deep.” Jada fired back later in the year with the incendiary (and Alchemist-produced,) “Checkmate.” Both songs charted.

And though it was heated for a moment, Jada insists “it wasn’t even that serious,” chalking the tiff up to 50’s marketing plan for the album and the added fuel from fans. He adds, “I think 50 was a fan,” noting there was mutual respect between them as interborough rappers.

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Watch Jadakiss recount his shortlived beef with 50 Cent below. Hold tight for the full interview’s release on Monday morning.


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