GQ A Midsummer’s Nightmare EP
GQ A Midsummer’s Nightmare EP
Photo Credit: JAMLA

Watch GQ Shoot His Shot in the 9th Wonder-Produced "Might as Well" Video [Premiere]

GQ has also released his latest EP, A Midsummer’s Nightmare, which was produced entirely by 9th Wonder.

Oakland rapper GQ, who is signed to 9th Wonder's JAMLA label, has released his new EP, A Midsummer’s Nightmare. The EP, which is GQ's first solo project since his E 14th album in 2017, features seven new tracks from the rapper and is produced entirely by 9th Wonder. 

One of the standouts from the project is the lighthearted "Might as Well," which features a flip of the Mary Jane Girls classic “All Night Long.” (This is like the 100th rap song to sample "All Night Long," but 9th found a way to make it sound fresh.) The song slyly pays homage to The Notorious B.I.G.'s "Just Playing (Dreams)" as GQ and fellow JAMLA rapper Reauben Vincet imagine all of the famous women they would like to have *cough* relations with.

We are ecstatic to be premiering the video for the song. Speaking about the song, via email, GQ said:

"'Might as Well' is a fun song I did with my lil' brother Reuben Vincent. [The song] is just us talking about different women in the limelight that's caught our attention before. A 'shoot your shot' melody, to say the least."

"Might as Well" is the only song on the EP to feature a guest appearance. A Midsummer’s Nightmare is mostly a solo ride, with GQ shit-talking over 9th Wonder's out-of-the-box chops. Speaking about the EP prior to the release, GQ said:

A Midsummer’s Nightmare, ironically symbolizes the time we’re in as a country and world. But also defines the thoughts and moments of myself at this moment in my life. Almost like living a world within a world. Beyond being inspired by the music itself, the inspiration came from life itself and just my current mental space. It’s always fun and an honor to work with 9th. So to do an EP with him was special.”

Check out A Midsummer’s Nightmare EP from JAMLA records below.