If You Live in Philly There’s a Good Chance You’ll See André 3000 Walking Around Playing a Flute

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André 3000 is in these streets.

Last month, Antonia Cereijido, a radio producer for NPR, spotted legendary rapper André 3000 walking around the airport playing a double flute.

She tweeted about the encounter; the tweet went viral.

Since then, a number of fans have seen the rapper in the street playing a flute. However, there is a new wrinkle: the rapper is being spotted in Philadelphia, not Los Angeles or New York City.

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The rapper is in the city working on Dispatches from Elsewhere, a new AMC series with Sally Feild and Jason Sagel set to premiere next year. The Philadelphia Inquirer has done a great job of documenting these encounters and then tracking the people down.

Dayna Allen caught the rapper on her flight back to Philly:

Russ Jackson said he saw the rapper sitting on some church steps on 13th Street. He then walked up to the rapper and watched as he played a flute solo. According to the Inquirer, Jackson asked him about the flute, and 3K told him that “he picked it up a couple of years ago and that he’s trying to get really good at it.”

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That encounter happened on July 9th. Later that night, Chandria Harris peeped the rapper at Whole Foods, where she worked:

The most amazing story, however, comes from Alessandra Hankinson, who saw André in two different occasions. The first time she saw him in front of a Shake Shack, on Friday, July 12th :


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A musical genius, Andre 3000! 🎵🎶

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She then caught him again on Saturday, July 13th. This time he walked in Mitchell & Ness, where she worked:


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Day 2 seeing Andre 3000 🎵🎶

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Speaking about the encounters with the Inquirer, she said:

“It seemed like no one recognized him … But I think he wants people to know he’s here,” Hankinson said. She also added: “He had on the exact same attire as the day before — overalls and a black shirt.”

Source: Inquirer

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