André 3000 was Spotted Playing The Flute in an LAX Terminal

André 3000 was Spotted Playing The Flute in an LAX Terminal

by zo
June 15, 2019 4:02 PM

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Photo of André 3000 taken by Vickey Ford of Sneakshot for Okayplayer.

Another stranger-than-fiction sighting.

André 3000 is quickly becoming the Bill Murray of hip-hop.

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Like the Ghostbusting actor, his public appearances are sporadic and joy-inducing. And his latest sighing is par the course. On Friday, NPR producer, Antonia Cereijido, shared an account of her recent stop at LAX, where she heard someone playing the flute in her terminal. Lo and behold, the flutist in question was none other than the OutKast rapper (see below.)

She goes on to confirm that the instrument was, in fact, a double-flute. After a little digging, Cereijido learned that the whimsical woodwind was built by Guillermo Martinez, a California-based master craftsman that specializes in Native American instruments: 

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Previously, sightings of the rapper had been relegated to Soho in New York City, where he reportedly lives. But, as one of rap’s most enigmatic sorts, there’s literally no telling where he’ll pop up next.

On to the next one, I suppose.

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