Photo credit: Flyana Boss (Twitter). ​
Photo credit: Flyana Boss (Twitter).

Flyana Boss Runs With Missy Elliott & Kaliii On “You Wish” Remix

Flyana Boss brings veteran hip-hop icon Missy Elliott and rap newcomer Kaliii along for the run on their “You Wish” remix.

Just when you think Flyana Boss has run out of steam, the rap duo brings Missy Elliott and Kaliii along for the ride. On Thursday (September 7) the ladies released their “You Wish” remix with Elliott and Kaliii after days of teasing the collaboration.

“You know I'm in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, ooh, pressure/I got many hits, it'd take you ten years to catch up,” Elliott boasts in her slick verse.


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Flyana Boss - You Wish (With Missy Elliott & Kaliii) - Remix (Lyric Video)

In July, Flyana Boss, composed of members Bobbi Lanea Tyler and Folayan Omi Kunerede, caught Elliott’s attention on Twitter, with the four-time Grammy-winner also following the rappers. Elliott also came to Boss’ defense, clapping back on Twitter users who criticized the ladies for running in their viral TikToks.

“This old school tactic — if you do a bunch of things, you confuse the audience,” Elliott tweeted at the time. “They don’t know who you are. That’s why most successful artists have eras and, for that era, they consistently do the same style and sound, so you build a particular fan base,” the rapper wrote in response to the Twitter user.

In August, the pair spoke to 99.7 Now about “You Wish” and receiving support from Elliott.

FLYANA BOSS talks "You Wish", Missy Elliot Support, and How They Became A Duo!

“We grew up idolizing her because of her weird Black girl magic,” said Kunerede. “She made it feel okay for us to be quirky and unique and try cool visuals that [don’t] make sense and take it to the next level,” added Tyler.

Kaliii, best known for her viral hit “Area Codes,” will appear on the 2023 MTV VMAs on the Extended Play Stage. The telecast airs Tuesday, September 12.