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Producers Reportedly Want a More Ethnic James Bond, is Idris Elba in Play?

Producers Reportedly Want a More Ethnic James Bond, is Idris Elba in Play?

Idris Elba is Close to Playing James Bond

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Wait, is this actually happening? Are we actually about to get a black James Bond?

Director Antoine Fuqua revealed that James Bond producer Barbara Broccoli told him “it is time” for a more ethnic actor to play the iconic character. He said the comment during a launch of his new app SoundFi.

Fuqua said Broccoli told him the move “will happen eventually.” (It should be noted that Daniel Craig, the current James Bond, is tired of this shit and only has one more James Bond movie — or bag — left in him.)

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The front runner seems to be Idris Elba. Fuqua said: “Idris could do it if he was in shape. You need a guy with physically strong presence. Idris has that.”

There have been rumors swirling around Elba playing James Bond since 2014, when a email from Sony studio co-chair Amy Pascal leaked. In it she told a colleague, “Idris should be the next Bond.”

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When asked about it in the past, Elba hasn’t seem that interested. He thinks a woman should play Bond, which would actually be pretty fire.

Source: DailyStar



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