"I'll Never Do That S**t Again": Lupe Fiasco Apologizes For Criticizing Kendrick Lamar's Talent
"I'll Never Do That S**t Again": Lupe Fiasco Apologizes For Criticizing Kendrick Lamar's Talent
Source: Screengrab via VEVO

Lupe Fiasco Says He Would Destroy Eminem In A Rap Battle, Discusses Nike's Colin Kaepernick Campaign

Source: Screengrab via VEVO

Add Lupe Fiasco to the ever-growing list of rappers who have something to say about Eminem following the release of his most recent album Kamikaze.

Lupe took to Instagram to post a video of Eminem's viral BET freestyle but with a comedian's voice imitating the Detroit rapper.

He then elaborated on posting the video in a separate (and since deleted) post, saying that he likes Eminem but would beat him in a rap battle.

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"I posted up that video of the comedian mimicking Eminem rap style because I thought it was funny and actually most rappers actually rap like that when they are writing to catch a flow and get a melody," Lupe said. "I like Em & most other rappers & I want no smoke but if I did I would destroy them all. Especially Joe Budden & Em too."

He also offered his thoughts on Nike's new Just Do It campaign with Colin Kaepernick.

"I like Nike & Colin. Nike's marketing budget used as a challenge to police brutality is dope. However, corporate commandeering of social matters that ultimately leads back to them selling their products is odd."

In related news, Eminem has faced backlash for using a homophobic slur against Tyler, the Creator, in a song from Kamikaze.

"Tyler create nothing, I see why you called yourself a fa**ot, b**ch / It’s not just 'cause you lack attention," he raps on the track "Fall."

Justin Vernon, who is featured on the track, tried to get the line removed but Eminem "wouldn't do it." He has since distanced himself from the song.

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