Eminem Drops a Video for "River" with Ed Sheeran
Eminem Drops a Video for "River" with Ed Sheeran
Source: YouTube

Eminem Faces Backlash For Using Homophobic Slur Against Tyler, The Creator On New Album

Eminem Drops a Video for "River" with Ed Sheeran Source: YouTube

Slim Shady's diss toward the Flower Boy creator has resulted in some criticism on social media.

Eminem dropped a surprise album, Kamikaze, last night. The 13-track project finds the rapper dissing a handful of people including Joe Budden, Donald Trump, Machine Gun Kelly, and Tyler, the Creator. However, the latter diss has led to backlash for the rapper, with numerous people calling out Eminem for the lyrics — which include a homophobic slur — on Twitter.

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"Tyler create nothing, I see why you called yourself a fa**ot, b**ch / It's not just 'cause you lack attention," he raps on the track "Fall."

"Man Eminem censoring that word lets me know he is well aware how quick it will get him tossed outta here in 2018 lmaoo," one person wrote, referring to the song's censoring of the offensive word.

"I'm really really wound up by the fact none of this Eminem coverage mentions the fact he's STILL using homophobic slurs in his music [censored, reversed whatever it's about INTENTION], with some headlines even MENTIONING TYLER but not the actual slur?" another tweeted.

However, some are defending Eminem's use of the word, arguing that Tyler used the word a lot earlier in his career.

"I love but some of y'all are overreacting to the diss. Do you guys seriously think Tyler gives a fuck if someone calls him a fa**ot? He used the word over 200 times in Goblin. I doubt Tyler would take offense to this," one tweeted.

See other responses to the offensive lyric below.