Tupac ​Photo by Steve Granitz Archive/WireImage.
Photo by Steve Granitz Archive/WireImage.

2Pac’s Siblings Question the Motives Behind Cops Investigating Keefe D

Sekyiwa and Mopreme Shakur spoke to TMZ about their suspicions about the Las Vegas Police Department looking into Keefe D for his accused involvement in 2Pac’s death.

Sekyiwa and Mopreme Shakur, both siblings of the late Tupac ‘2Pac’ Shakur, aren’t sold on the Las Vegas Police Department looking into Keefe D’s accused involvement in the rapper’s 1996 murder. The two recently spoke to TMZ about their skepticism regarding the police’s investigation into Keefe, born Duane Keith Davis.

Tupac's Siblings Sekyiwa & Mopreme Shakur Cast Doubt On Keefe D Investigationyoutu.be

Mopheme alleged that authorities only reopened the investigation after he appeared on CNN. In July, a police raid took place at Davis’ shared home with his wife. According to the warrant, investigators sought "items that tend to show evidence of motive and/or the identity of the perpetrator such as photographs or undeveloped film, insurance policies and letters, address and telephone records, diaries, and other documents."

“We don’t know anything about this guy. Everybody get your popcorn because we don’t know anything,” Mopreme said. “And it doesn’t appear that this investigation has been robust in the smallest way.”

While Sekyiwa added that she hopes the investigation will bring about “some kind of justice,” that law enforcement is untrustworthy due to their troubled relationship with The Shakur Family. In July, Sekyiwa’s father and Black Liberation Movement elder, Mutulu Shakur, died just months after his 37-year incarceration.

The siblings went on to add the unlikelihood that evidence would be present at Davis’ house in the 27 years since Shakur’s death.

“Unless he just never cleaned up for 30 years, I don't know. I have no idea," Sekyiwa said about Davis. "I've raised two children in this time. They're all adults and their wounds are clean. I can't go back to see what they did 30 years ago...I don't know how they could find something 30 years later. But if they did, I really hope so."