Your Old Droog EP Isn't Nas, But He's Pretty Damn Good. Listen to the 'Your Old Droog' EP.

The internet damn near imploded when social media whispers began to surface claiming that Nas was releasing music under the new moniker Your Old DroogNow that those rumors have been dismantled by the homies at Nah Right, EgoTrip and virtually every credible source in the blogosphere, the question still remains:

Who the hell is Your Old Droog?

To be honest, we can’t necessarily say, but what we can say is that the apparent Brooklyn rapper has plenty of shine coming his way and in perfect time as his absolutely stellar self-titled EP arrived on the scene ten days ago. And now with the Nas prescription, you better believe those numbers are going to keep going up We don’t know how this thing got started, but we’re kinda glad it did, cause this EP is 10-shades of straight boom-bap heat. Not simply an emulation of the Queens rapper’s delivery and story-telling, but a true blue embodiment of those sentiments in a more youthful package (though Nasty looks like he’s 35 going on 13.) In any case,  you can stream the new-comer Your Old Droog’s — tip of the tam for the Clockwork Orange reference — self-titled EP below and check back with us for more on Droog and Nas’ highly anticipated Mass Appeal Records debut (not to mention the ever-elusive Lost Tapes 2 project.) Listen to Your Old Droog EP below.


  • Excalibur

    It’s impressive

  • who cares

    I know without a doubt in my mind that this is GrandmaOnDrums. He used to upload freestyles on YouTube all the time. I’d recognize that voice anywhere.

  • John Graham

    Nas confirmed that it wasn’t him.

  • Cowboy

    It sounds like Nas and Game. Flylo also said he wasn’t Captain Murphy

  • Melquan Katz

    Melquan Katz • a few seconds ago
    Nas is telling you it’s him in the name. The Russian word “Droog” translates to “Friend” in English. “Your Old Friend”.

    • GTFOH!


  • James RC

    So dope

  • Christian

    Until I hear “Droog” and Nas performing together in person sans microphone, and I’ve verified he hasn’t taken ventriloquism lessons, I’m going to go ahead and assume it’s him.

    • GTFOH!

      U must feel REEEEEAAL stupid right now… lmfao!!

    • Christian

      Not particularly

  • BASEDinphilly

    It sounds like another rapper spitting an old Nas rhyme book. Im going to go ahead and call this lost tapes 2

    • GTFOH!

      You go ahead and think it’s the Lost Tapes 2. You must feel a little silly now…

    • BASEDinphilly

      I actually dont give a shit

  • africanadonis

    This is the Game . . .

  • Lwazi Ankh

    the lyrical dexterity alone tells me that this is Nas.

    • Pan-Afrikan

      Kind of a letdown knowing that he’s not Nas, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that he’s a damn good emcee. We need more real emcees nowadays because the current crop of rappers are just plain awful.

  • phillipkslick

    I wish Nas would get production like this, maybe I could start listening to new albums by him again.

    • KGino

      Nas – Locomotive

  • Guerilla

    This isn’t Nasir Jones. If you knew of his work and timber of voice, you’d realize it isn’t him. This cat does have ill flow and metaphors galore.

  • Alex Godoy

    something still fishy, this the biggest troll ever!

  • Tom

    It’s Nas!! For sure!!

  • H.O.D. UKU

    Listening to Your Old Droog’s self-titled EP & I wonder if NaS was secretly featured on the tracks. The similarity in style & rhyme comes & goes intermittently.