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UPDATE: If you missed Yasiin Bey‘s LIVE FROM AFRICA stream this past Friday in honor of Muhammad Ali’s 72nd birthday, then that was it. It was a one-time-only live exclusive (turn the page for the whole story) beamed out from a rooftop in Cape Town, South Africa. If you tuned in at 7pm, you missed it. Go home. It’s over.

This being the internet, however, we should not be surprised that some enterprising soul created a bootleg archive of the event by picking up their cameraphone and ripping the stream right off the front page of Okayplayer–! (watch for our cameo right in the very beginning). The audio here is pretty terrible–and certainly doesn’t do justice to the transatlantic echo modulating Mos’ voice on the live performance and the exhilarating, goosebump-ly experience of watching it unfold in real time. No word yet from Team Yasiin whether there will eventually be an official archive (like the man said, The Time Is Always Now). But while we watch the skies, consider this a digital memento of that singular moment in time, a “Happy Born Day Champ” e-card you can tape to your cybernetic fridge. Because nothing says “Happy Born Day, Champ” like interpolating Eric B. & Rakim over some Ethiojazz. Enjoy:

[Content Removed By Request]


It’s coming, it’s coming…it’s here! Watch below to experience 3 new exclusives from Yasiin Bey FKA Mos Def, broadcasting “Live From Africa” in tribute to the birthday of heavweight champ and cultural icon Muhammad Ali, who turned 72 years old today. The new material is being grouped under the title “The Time Is Always Now” and brought to you by a collective working as A Country Called Earth. Watch and then turn the page to get more backstory…

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  • Topherbs

    Karaslamb, can you or anyone else updated us on the OMFGOD project? Did Bey and Mannie spike it? When is it dropping?

    • ear2ear

      Last I read, Mannie Fresh said the album was pretty much done and he was waiting for Mos’ schedule to clear up so that they could put the final touches on it. They also got Just Blaze and Curren$y to collaborate on a few songs. This was in November.

  • Afunk

    Get Mcydees the fuck away!

  • Silika

    January 17th at 12:30 AM (CAT) or 12:30PM? because its already past 12:30am CAT (I am assuming CAT is Central Africa Time….or have I just missed it

    • just to clarify 5:30 pm EST on Jan. 17th will be 12:30am CAT the next day (Jan. 18th)–you haven’t missed it!

  • Adnan

    Still waiting for the tribute to Muhammad Ali by Yasiin Bey……………

  • J

    Where is the link to the stream?!?!?

    • Brock

      It will show up on this page; the official twitter of OKP said 10-20 min now; so I don’t know; I’ve kept refreshing for the past 5 minutes. I guess we’ll have to wait a bit longer

    • IanClarke

      We all crashed OkayAfrica lol. It should be soon I ain’t worried I’m just hype to see Yasiin! In the name of Allah y’all

    • J


    • Brock

      Yea, it should air on this page though; the okayafrica link just won’t load

    • J

      Cool, thanks. I was starting to panic like I missed it!

  • BleeHLH

    Where is it???

  • Rashaad Thomas

    NO streaming link?

    • Brock

      The OKP twitter said keep an eye on this page for the next 15-20 min

  • Funk It Blog

    it does not appear that there is any live stream to tune into here….

  • Brock

    Update: Happening at 6 est. now

  • futureafrica

    We’re on the line w/ #Yasiin + crew, now being told the #LIVEFROMAFRICA tribute will happen at 6p EST (just a few mins from now)

  • Motheo

    For those wondering, ‘somewhere in Africa’ is actually just Cape Town. He’s been in the city for a few months now.

  • Clay

    well, where is it?

    • Brock

      Don’t know; waiting on their Twitter page to say something

    • Clay

      same, constantly refreshing this page too

    • Motheo

      I asked a friend who is at the shoot. She said they were delayed slightly, but it’s starting ‘any minute now’.

  • Visionary Mind

    Where´s the livestream… can´t see it yet!

  • Slank Ribbitz

    Anyone seeing anything yet???

    • Brock

      According to Motheo; still a bit of delay.

    • Slank Ribbitz


  • Brock

    It’s up

  • Silika

    its on the front page

  • Clay


  • farooq

    all i see is one mic..

  • def

    is it live?

  • Mike Mac

    did I miss it?

    • Motheo

      Nah. Hasn’t started yet, but it’s live. You should see an orange mic on your screen.

  • Motheo

    Just asked again. It’s not started yet, but the vid is live. Don’t panic. Friends say sorry for the hold up.

  • blisbomber

    marry me Yasiin!

  • Brock

    What’s the Tony Williams?

  • Rami Salaam El

    Islam to the prophet Yasiin Bey!! Much love to you ALL. coming from Oakland, California Republic, Amexem. Rami Salaam El

  • Sneakshot

    What Track is playing now? This is awesome….

    • Brock

      It’s something by Tony Williams

    • Aaron

      “Wildlife” I think

    • Chris Roman

      Tony WIlliams – Wildlife

  • Russell Sticklor


  • Shawn Dunwoody

    Oaxaca, Mexico in the place!

    • Pavel Mikhail

      yeah baby love your state! Alaska here!

  • Youssef Sektan

    that must be a country called South Africa, live from Cape town 😉

  • LA

    This was great, love seeing Yasiin do his thing

  • Pavel Mikhail

    anybody else gotta black screen?

    • Brock

      Yea, It’s over

    • Pavel Mikhail

      damn came in late. next time

    • humbly BOLD

      Go to page 2

  • LD

    The incomparable! Peace, light, and blessings to everyone from Houston Texas.

    • jlove

      I recently moved back to H.Town from the V.I. ..I have plenty of studio time for free at a major studio..got skills? Jlovebey@yahoo.com..and I am in need of Yasiin contact info. Very important that I reach me..I am a Bey also. .peace

  • lilkunta

    is he is africa making more kids he wont care for? just likeMuhammad Ali, kids all over. Bring your *ss back to the USA and see your kids.

  • Cobain Cicero Hendrixhoon

    I assume its over..ughhhh…damn FB feed not postin shit properly. Hope yall enjoyed, Mos kills that stage

  • Monica C.

    Never fails to amaze me.

  • Jahspeak

    Need more Yasin……

  • ThomasDaBombas

    so did anyone rip the stream? I missed it.

  • Miguel Bravon

    Cape Town is only in Africa by Geographic location..maybe live from Resort town would be a better title.