For Part 1 of The Urban Nomad’s piece on The Golden Era of Hip-Hop, he gets up with a few emcees you may have heard of. Live from last month’s SXSW festival in Austin, he chops it up with Pharoahe Monch to discuss the fest, Organized Konfusion (possible reunion?), the future of hip-hop, and more. From Queens we take it to BK where we get a Q&A with Talib Kweli where they get into the creation of Black Star and the importance of looking at hip-hop outside of your own perspective.

Props to Red Bull 


  • Talib Kweli is really funny as an artist

  • i like what he said about taking it where he can get it. Sitting Bull said to “take what is useful and discard what is not”

  • what’s useful in minaj’s music????