Rhye - Open

XNSFW = Extremely Not Safe For Work, for the record. This clip for “Open” from mysterioso new group Rhye is basically nonstop black-bra-and-panties softcore porn, like being a fly on the bedroom wall of every date/tryst/one night stand that happened on Valentine’s day. All at once. I have been instructed not to tell you anything else about this band (“don’t sell out” was the instruction, to be exact) whose identity is still an internet secret. But this song was made by somebody who’s music you already like. That’s all I’m saying. Watch after the jump and check for Rhye’s EP of the same name, which is on iTunes now.



  • the soapbox killer

    I expected something else to happen in that video and I must say I’m quite surprised and happy that it didn’t .

  • Saurus

    This is nice…

  • Dom

    So beautiful, I haven’t heard a voice this rich and smooth since Me’Shell NdegéOcello