If you don’t catch our live tweets (or Common‘s…or Michael K. Williams) about how epic last week’s Lyricist Lounge 20th Anniversary reunion/celebration was, we now have living proof (no Primo). Watch the legendary Black Thought freestyle live, Mobb Deep‘s Prodigy send one out to his man Killa B (you can run, but…) and Homeboy Sandman rep for the next generation–above, below and beyond (the jump) respectively.

spotted at 2DB


  • greg

    Homeboy Sandman is a beast

  • mp

    is this the only footage from the night? cameraman, i hope those photos you snapped while filming came out killer. why? open up your aperture…c’mon

  • p

    With all due respect (and respect IS due), what Thought spit in that clip was not a freestyle. That was his (impressive) verse from a record entitled ‘Riot’ which appeared on Thurz’s album, ‘L.A. Riot’.