Kanye West A.P.C. "hip hop" plain white t shirt sells out

Just to prove once again what we already knew (ie that he can just make any old thing and his fans will eat it up) Kanye West AKA Our Lord Yeezus Christ dropped a $120 white “hip-hop” t shirt in collaboration with high-end brand A.P.C.. If you can’t already anticipate what happened next, the internets went all abuzz and it promptly sold out.

My question would be, who the hell pays US$120.00 for a plain white t-shirt? Granted it does have Our Lord’s name printed on it (well in it, anyway–as the description says, the words A.P.C. KANYE are silkscreened inside the neckline) and how often do you get to buy a fabricated signature from a God. That almost makes it worth the price BUT WAIT THERE IS MORE. This chumpy also features 1) Short Sleeves 2) Ribbing at the Neckline and 3) is constructed of 100% Egyptian cotton, so when you add all that up, this seems less like shameless self-aggrandizement for Kanye and more like promo for Macklemore & Ryan Lewis‘ track “Thrift Shop” (I call THAT getting swindled and pimped (shit) / I call THAT getting tricked by a business…)

white hip hop t shirt by kanye west and apc

Really got to wonder what the Egyptian cotton workers think about this. Probably not much, since there are bigger fish to fry at their end of the Nile (perhaps–in order to make this t-shirt the ultimate Yeezus-piece–they stopped the revolution for two weeks or so to pick Ye’s cotton??)  At any rate, I buy all my white tees from a dude with a shopping cart for $5 per, so I’m going to stick with those, personally. For those of you without the shopping cart option there’s plenty of other white tees online for cheap (for instance here). Or you can go to the Okayplayer shop and pick up one of these.

And In closing: Thank you, Lord Yeezus, for providing us with something so meaningful in a time so shallow. What do you think of the Kanye West x A.P.C. white “Hip Hop T-Shirt?”

small child in green field


  • djrubadubjr

    maybe he was trying to prove his ‘new slaves” point.??

  • yo

    yo provide a link to a long tee tho please.

    i refuse to pay that sorta money for a white t but its specifically a tee that gives you a baggy look without it being ill fitting…

    in the uk thats an impossible task…

    • Patricia P

      to see how the tee shirt fits, just look at the photo of kanye on apc’s website, he’s wearing the navy tee on it

  • macke123

    so? if people want to spend money let them. cant stand assholes that complain on what other people spend THEIR money on (not yours). Keep your bullshit socialist propaganda to your self.

    • lol

      not too bright I see, you and Kanye should be bff’s

    • Reane

      Missed the point being so angry and political. What a shocker.

  • Derrick

    The fact that it’s called a “Hip-Hop T-Shirt” made me think of Warhol…isn’t pricing a plain white t-shirt at $120.00 & it selling out more of a comment on consumerism rather than the materialism of Kanye?

    Too much credit?

    David Rees is also an “artisanal pencil sharpener,” who will sell you your very own perfectly sharpened pencil for $35 dollars each.

    I think he and Kanye (and Warhol) are in on the joke. Isn’t this what the art and fashion industries largely about?

    • I Wanna Be Your

      Yes, I have to believe you are correct on this one, though I WANT to lean to “too much credit”. Yes, he’s in on it. What’s messed up though is no one asked HIM to teach us a lesson. I think he needs to look inside himself and ask some ?’s. If he’s giving money to charity great. Lining his own pockets? Well, this t-shirt combined with his blank album kind of just says to me he doesn’t want me as a fan anymore. Mission accomplished – I’m drawing a line right now. He actually would like it, kind of a BC/AD type of a thing. AK starting right around Jan, 2011.

    • Patricia P

      you’re thinking too much 😉 kanye just designed the tees and jeans and hoodies he wanted to wear but coudn’t buy anymore, except from Fear of God which makes hoodies cut on the sides with the back longer and tees long as well, but not in a quality as good as apc’s. as for the jean, skinny at the bottom and baggy at the waist, no one has ever designed that before kanye. so it’s just about designing the clothes he wanted to wear, no private joke…

    • Patricia P

      i meant “anywhere”, not “anymore”

    • Jonathan Nickel

      That was a throw down. A show down. If you didn’t know well hell you know now. Overhead is something you always have to take into consideration. Everything from concepting to designing is done by a team of experts not just him. These experts are EXPENSIVE!!!! He didn’t just make this shirt to sell it. This is an example of a man making a shirt for himself because no one else would do it for him. IMO.

    • Jonathan Nickel

      Patricia P:

      That was a throw down. A show down. If they didn’t know well hell they know now. Overhead is something you always have to take into consideration. Everything from concepting to designing is done by a team of experts not just him. These experts are EXPENSIVE!!!! He didn’t just make this shirt to sell it. This is an example of a man making a shirt for himself because no one else would do it for him. IMO.

  • gregory kruxx.

    Derrick is Right!!! Yall missed the memo lol…hhahahahahaha yeezus rose again….hahahahahahahahahah. SHEEP WAY TOO MANY SHEEP

    • WW

      …and Kanye is one of them.

  • asplo

    derrr, socialist propaganda? that’s ridiculous. a 120 whitetee is unbelievable to a cat who wouldnt spend more than 5. fair enough.

    but, while it is a little silly, i think there’s a bit more going on that isn’t fully captured by the silliness.

  • kia

    Thisvos how you know people dont have money. This isnt the first plain white tee sold for over $99… so what is so shocking again about this. Wait, cuz Kanye did it like 49th hahaha

  • j

    Who the Hell would buy a tee from that homo!! Lmao

    • Patricia P

      well you don’t know if kanye is gay, but what you do know is that if you refuse to buy things from gay people, there’s a good chance you are going to end up naked and starved of food, movies, plays, books, exhibitions etc

    • Givinit2urdukes

      maybe inconvenienced at most, in my opinion.

  • Adrien

    APC T-shirts start at 90$ and go all the way up to 135$. Let’s move on please. Nothin to see here

  • Patricia P

    they have a great cut, great quality, very light cotton on the skin, great length (almost mid knees) and cost way less than any designers tee shirts with a different fit than haynes etc that shrink after the third wash, so… basically having not seen it and tried it on, you have no idea what you are talking about, it’s unfortunately as simple sa that… also don’t forget that these are APC’s regular prices all year long, not just for this

    • Will

      You are officially the dumbest person I’ve ever been made aware of.

  • russianmob

    But yet the same people would turn around and complain about the economy after they just brought their 120 white shirt. idiots.

    • Oscar Sterling

      i dont thing they the one complaining its all drug dealers and high end models buying this shit.

  • irkitated

    As if we needed another reason to hate him

  • Drake

    It’s worth it

    • Bartosz Adamowicz

      Drake, go eat some poison cake.

    • Bob

      That’s not a very nice thing to say is it Bartosz 😛

  • Michael

    Hey guys, come on now. It is made out of EGYPTIAN cotton and has his name printed on the inside of the collar. Woot! lol

  • Glenn Shiloh

    What JackButt purchased this and why is my tax money going to keep them in projects, so they can buy stuff like this?

  • nejnej

    It is quality! Stupid MOFOs

  • Aaron Lee

    Ppl complaining about this but will buy Louis V, Gucci, Coach, Prada, Versace and more in a heartbeat. Stay ppl. Smh Kanye doing his thing.

  • praisethayeezus

    i think yall stressin out over nothin. he jus trynna be orijinal. i aint never seen a white shirt with much swag. its not a white colored shirt, its a swag colored shirt!!!11 #yeezusisloveyeezusislife

  • Tom

    suck my butt nerds

  • TheoryofRelativity

    Plot twist A – everything was a marketing stunt to boost his own ego. Plot twist B – he bought them all himself.

  • Newsflash:

    Kanye attached his name to the collection but he was not in charge of the pricing. APC was.

  • Worth it! I bought three.

  • Mike

    Proof we shouldn’t be paying people $15 an hour.

  • Thorsten Hunsicker

    Im in retail for 20+ years now. Most cotton comes from Egypt, so that is nothing new. At least he should have included bio-cotton for GODS sake 🙂 Actually the very best T-Shirts on earth come from TeeJays. A Tee company from Denmark. I only buy from them. Check out the Interlock Tee. It does not get any better than that! Super soft, perfect fit and durable! And you will probably get it for only 10 USD and thank me later. 🙂

  • HelloTommy

    Hes a jackbag

  • Colorless Green

    120 is kind of high, but there are other, well established brands, that are crazy expensive. Ralph Lauren brand plain (solid color, no design) undershirts/t-Shirts are pretty expensive also.

  • suse

    You don’t watch Bravo. Heather Dubrow chastised her husband when he became flabbergasted at the price of a white T at $400. She had already told him, when picking it up, that it was a “good price point.” She acts like she’s had this type of luxury her entire life (I doubt it). She has an uncanny way of putting down the rest of the world while referencing such things. At least Kanye makes no excuse for being plain trash (like the rest of us) growing up. Okay, yea, Kanye apologizing is pretty far-fetch in any imagination. Get with the program, here!