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Video: Sean Price Reports Live From Hurricane Sandy

Sean Price vs. Hurricane Sandy

Sean Price‘s new album Mic Tyson drops today and rain, sleet, hail, snow–Duck Down Records is going to bring it to the people. In case you were tempted to think they were bullsh**ing, Price puts on his goggles and reports from the eye (more or less) of Hurricane Sandy: “As you can see, sh*t is crazy right now.”

Lest you think this is all just for comedy’s sake, Sean delivers potentially life-saving information on here, especially in regards to the location of open Kennedy Fried Chicken franchises (for those who don’t live in the hood, this is real. Myrtle Star Deli stayed open all night on my block. Also saw a crazy yuppie jogging down the middle of the street in running shorts just after landfall.) Seriously though, plenty of people are in bad shape and a few did lose their lives so keep them in your thoughts as we return to our daily operations or bail out our flooded basements. For the majority of you who are just stuck inside for a day, though, get your natural disaster infotainment below and then go cop Mic Tyson on iTunes today.

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