Q-Tip and Busta Rhymes deliver a career-spanning trailer as they continue to prep fans for the arrival of The Abstract & The Dragon mixtape, dropping December 12th. The footage from World Star Hip-Hop features both MCs talking about the friendship and 20+ years of collaborative work that prompted them to join forces to put out this mixtape. The clip features concert and television performance footage as well as commentary on their individual talents and the genesis of the project. Check the footage below to watch the trailer for The Abstract & The Dragon mixtape. Stay tuned for more from Q-Tip and Busta Rhymes.


  • seenematic

    as a big Tip & Busta fan I’m amped to hear this, but couldn’t they find anyone else to make this trailer ? the video for Thank You was already underwhelming, this is plain awful.

  • F’real

    Busta, did you hear the Run The Jewels album?

  • Douglas R E

    T-Minus what on this, I havent been this excited for a mixtape since 93!

  • Chelle

    Does anyone know if this will be coming out on vinyl ?

  • Dady Crucial Mat

    Big Up man like Busta Rhymes and Q-Tip, wait from you guys new shit everytime!

  • Scott ThechefAyehole Stith

    I just wanna give thanks to the movement its has kept me focused in this crazy world since day one that was 34 years ago forever real hip hop boom bap!! “Donuts anyone”