Phife of A Tribe Called Quest premieres the official video for "dear Dilla"

J Dilla-mania continues–nay, peaks!–today as legendary MC Phife Dawg of A Tribe Called Quest unveils the official video for his new single “dear Dilla“–via Okayplayer Premiere! You doubtless have already bugged out over the fearless honesty of Phife’s personal letter to the dearly departed and DJ Rasta Root’s flip of the Dilla-touched break. But now “dear Dilla” get’s the visual treatment it deserves. Phife and Rasta Root took no shortcuts in making their dream vision a reality, taking their cameras to the corner of MacDougall and Nevada on Detroit’s East Side, recruiting Ma Dukes Yancey for a touching cameo and even risking funky diabetic relapse by partaking of an actual Dilla donut??

You’ll have to watch to enjoy all the little moments and appropriate touches but suffice to say that Phife and crew did this project right. Though were not able to be there in physical form ourselves, we are told that the video screened to raucous love from Dilla Day audiences in Detroit and Atlanta.  Get the audio and more backstory on the single here, look for merch soon at www.deardilla.com and cop the single here (via iTunes) because all proceeds go directly to Dilla’s daughters (!) Ja’Mya Yancey and Ty~Monae’ Paige Whitlow. Full credits after the video and stay tuned for more on Phife’s upcoming release on Smokin Needles records and For more info on Diabetes & Lupus go to Kidney.org | LupusResearch.org

Smokin’ Needles Records Presents:

a Konee Rok film

Lyrics: Malik “Phife” Taylor
Music: Dion “Rasta Root” Liverpool
Produced, Written, Edited, Animated, Directed: KoneeRok.com

Executive Producers: Malik “Phife” Taylor & Dion “Rasta Root” Liverpool


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  • Donta Deisel

    This video was awesome#DontaDeisel

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    I could listen to those keys forever !

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    It’s got that “Hot Sex” guitar lick sound. Lovin it!

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    this is awesome!

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    Love this track!

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    Man how dope was that? Great job. So real.

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    beautiful, just beautiful

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    toooooooooo g

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    This brought tears to my eyes

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      Same here. I got “a lump in my throat, my stomach hollow.”
      I wonder how Tip felt hearing this. Brought me back. This is real love.

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    phife is looking so much better!! dude gotta stay healthy so he can keep the hip hop game in check.

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    Thank you for this unbelievable great track… 6times in a row 🙂

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    when’s the last time you heard a funky diabetic? dope!

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    Very dope

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    That was great. Wish more hip hop artists were as passionate rather then making money

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    say word

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    Honestly made me smile. God bless 🙂

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    Exactly what Hip-Hop needed. Thanks Phife! Rap ’til you’re done. We all respect you, fuck them fake ass rappers. You’re real and we can tell.

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    This is big!

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    Phife Diggy is back! Run it round the track, let me slow you dooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwnnnnnnnn……………pick you up!

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    great, GREAT track and vid! I’m stuck on this!

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    Hip hop ages so much better than rock


    first time i saw this i was almost in tears very emotive.. if you study the video properly..love the beat ‘rastaroot’ killing it.. phife dawng keep on keeping on.. ATCQ FOREVER MOS DEFINITELY!

  • Freddy

    Wow! Simply beautiful! This shows how far hip-hop has strayed to become the record industries little bitch. Today’s music is crap, but this track is HEAVEN! Great song, great video! If only all rap/hip-hop could be this good again.

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    Good lookin out Phife. You got heart kid.

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    woW. Very nice. That’s Hip Hop Excellence.

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