Nelson George's 'Finding The Funk' Doc Premieres Tonight On VH1

UPDATE: Missed Finding The Funk’s network debut? You can now stream Nelson George’s exploration of the funk bloodline for free via VH1. For those skeptics who doubted the weight of this project–6 or 7 years in the making– you can find out exactly how heavy the funk is by peeping the doc in its entirety below. Sit back, put one up and soak it all in. 


The time has finally come loyal funkateers! Nelson George‘s quintessential Finding The Funk documentary is set to premiere tonight on VH1! The doc will be narrated by our very own general ?uestlove and feature words from D’Angelo, George Clinton, Sly Stone, Bootsy Collins, Nile Rodgers and scholar Michael Eric Dyson, amongst numerous other visionaries and performers who come through to help us navigate through the tangled bloodlines of musicians and showmen which have defined the lineage. After what seems like years of anticipation since last year’s SXSW screening and various trailers, teasers and kickstarters we’ve been gifted for the project, it’s finally funk’s time to shine (or glow) in the comfort of your TV room. So check out the latest, official trailer to Nelson George’s Finding The Funk below and tune into VH1 tonight at 10pm to see what all the funk is about.


  • thankful for Funk Doc

  • archie_lala

    I read the title wrong. I thought it was ‘Finding Funk Doc’ as in ‘Where Is Reggie Noble?’.

  • Yop

    The video is not available anymore :/

  • Jahlal Wasul Al-din Ibrahim

    I live in New Zealand is funk is my life….I have been searching the internet every hour to find a link for this since it aired as we don’t get VH1 over here and it say the above link is unavailable from my location, so can someone please help, I need this so bad

    • Weztax

      I feel your pain

  • Weztax

    ‘Found the frustration’ Cant view in the UK. WHAT!!!!! When is this going to be available for all???

    • timmy t

      Same here. From Canada. Would love to see this.

    • DavidPetersson

      download mediahint plugin for google chrome 🙂 made it possible for me to watch this awesomeness from sweden!

  • Zsolt Horvath

    Same in Hungary, wtf is going on, not available in Europe at all? Can someone upload it to Youtube so that it’s available for european funkateers too?

  • Arcádio

    not playing down here in Brazil.


    not working in germany…

  • David Njuki

    Not available in my Country 🙁 I hope someone puts this on youtube soon.

  • Methuup Dafunkyone

    A link for Europe please!

  • Zsolt Horvath

    Use hotspotshield as a vpn tunnel to generate US ip address, I just watched the whole documentary by that

  • Mista Wiz

    Classic..although he wasnt mention im glad that Mr Dyson had a Curtis Mayfield album 4 show..Also the group Ready for the World came outta Flint Michigan, not Detroit!

  • Elan

    so good flick BUT…. How the FUNK does THE METERS not get mentioned other than a little fact…. Also Mike Clark also should of been mentioned

    This documentry has big holes but I loved it.


    Can you please make this viewable in other countries??

  • trojanfarmer

    What about Dyke and the Blazers and Wilson Pickett? My band played Dyke’s song, ‘We Got More Soul’ at the Hollywood Bowl. Wilson Pickett remade Dyke’s ‘Funky Broadway,’ which is the first song to use the word funk or funky in any rhythm and blues recording. Too bad he died so young in 1971, James Brown was a big admirer of Arlester Christian.