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Video: NaS - "Queens Story"

Nas in a still from the video for "A Queens Story"

NaS brings grimey bootleg VHS/ghetto cable-access TV productions values to visualize his brilliant track “Queens Story,”  a stark contrast to the Marley-Marl-symphonics of the beat–or rather the score–produced by Salaam Remi. Easily one of the best tracks on easily one of the best albums of the year (in fact, a prime contender for best rap song of 2012 amongst the hip-hop literati I fux with). Not usually trying to post shaky-camera videos of strippers and club-fights on OKP but to every rule there is an exception, and this is it–we know Nas could’ve gone Black Bond with the production values for this oral history of his hometown if he chose to, making the urban legends of Queens into larger-than-life myths. But he chose to keep it grassroots, making the medium reflect the message in urgent and original fashion. Watch below:

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